TruNews: Pedophile Truth Bomb Only Way to Defeat The War Party

Posted on Feb 08, 2017

(VERO BEACH, FLA) Is a truth bomb exposing global pedophilia the only way to defeat the insatiable War Party?

Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles discusses the insidious bipartisan plot to kick start new conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, while traitorous politicians throw their blood soaked hands into the air at the prospects of peace with Russia. Rick also shares President Trump’s proclamation to protect America’s children against harm, and details the shock backlash CBS46 reporter Ben Swann has experienced since publishing a televised report on PizzaGate.

Turkey commits to fighting ISIS during call with Trump (link)

Trump weighs designating Iran’s IRGC a terror organization (link)

Trump Travel Ban: Intense Scrutiny in Court (link)

Sen. Warren formally shutdown after insulting Sessions (link)

– See more at:….b1gCEoXx.dpuf


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