U.S. On The Brink Of Martial Law – Contact Tracing Tracking Riot Organizers State to State

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on May 31, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note: Don’t forget the big picture, all of this is about collapsing the U.S. financial system, destroying the middle class and create chaos, then Americans beg for the global government reset solution.

As peaceful protests turn to violent riots, government officials finally admit the protest are being hijacked by organized groups from out of state with the purpose to cause destruction and chaos.

President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to have military police on standby ready to deploy to American cities within hours in an attempt to restore order. The second time Trump has suggested deploying the US military domestically which is thought to be unconstitutional. The White House cites the Insurrection Act as authorization.

Meanwhile, officials in Minnesota, the origin of the unrest have stated they are currently using methods very similar to contact tracing to track down networks of out of state protesters which officials estimate consists of approximately 80% of those engaged in the demonstrations.

(Natural News) After reviewing the videos surrounding the arrest and killing of George Floyd, it’s clear to me that he was deliberately murdered. I understand there are different interpretations of what happened, and new evidence may emerge that will alter my view, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it seems abundantly clear that Mr. Floyd was deliberately murdered in broad daylight.

As I know very well due to my many years of training alongside law enforcement and military veterans, police officers are specifically trained to avoid pushing their body weight, through their knee, onto a suspect’s throat or neck for the simple reason that doing so causes severe injury or death. Any police officer that deliberately places their knee (and hence, their body weight) on the neck of a suspect who is pinned against the ground is doing so out of a premeditated desire to cause death.

Read more: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-05-29-george-floyd-was-deliberately-murdered-race-riots-chaos.html

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Stan at The Prophecy Club has been one of  the watchman on the wall for the Dumitru Duduman prophecies.  “The fall of America will start with a disagreement between Americans that is stirred up by Communist groups, some of the people will start fighting with the government.”


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