VFTB 323: Bill Koenig & Bill Salus – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Best of the week audio interview, more coming…..

Derek Gilbert – A View From the Bunker Podcast

TONIGHT WE begin our series of interviews from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference, discussions with the speakers recorded live in Colorado Springs July 15-17.

This week, we talk geopolitics and near-term prophecy with Bill Koenig, president of Koenig’s International News and author of the new book Revealed: Obama’s Legacy, and Bill Salus of Prophecy Depot Ministries, author of The NOW Prophecies.

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unnamed-8This year, for the first time, we will be LIVE streaming TWO rooms in High Definition and EVERY SINGLE SPEAKER will be Live Streamed at least once, some twice. Here’s the list of potential names that will be streamed into your home or office during the 3-day event.

Gary Stearman, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzulli, Randall Price, Bill Koenig, Avi Lipkin, Aaron Lipkin, Cris Putnam, Tim Mahoney, Joseph Farah, Paul McGuire, Derek Gilbert, Bill Salus, Stan Deyo, Bob Maginnis, Carl Teichrib, Joel Richardson, Michael Lake, Josh Peck, Doc Marquis, Tom Hughes, Ken Johnson, Jeff Kinley, Sharon Gilbert and Brent Miller. Full schedules, message titles and times will be released in a few months.

You will have 60 days to watch their presentations from your online source—desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone . . . take your pick.

If you have Internet access you can watch LIVE, or you can watch the recorded presentation at 3:00 AM, 6 weeks later.  41 messages (in both rooms combined) make up a significant portion of the conference. Think about it. No hotel cost or rent-a-car costs. No conference registration, airfare or expensive food bills. It’s not quite as good as being there, but it sure is a whole lot cheaper. Stream either room for $50.00. Or get a discount and stream both rooms for $79.95. That’s cheaper than the $90.00 conference registration cost by itself! Not a bad way to go.

This bookstore item can be added to your cart. It is for both the Main Ballroom and the Aspen Room. If you’d prefer to purchase one of the individual rooms separately, you need to go back and find the proper icon on our home page at ProphecyWatchers.com.


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