Who Is Israel? Author Matt Furse on the Power of Prophecy

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Apr 10, 2016

Recommendation from Texe Marrs               

Texe Marrs5Who Is Israel?—Yesterday, Today, and Forever is the most complete book about Israel as a nation and people I have ever read. Christians today are sadly ignorant over the nation of Israel. Jesus told the Jews, “Ye are of your father the devil.” Yet, Christians will not accept what Jesus said. Jesus told the Jews, “Your house is left desolate.” But Christians protest, “No! This is not true. The House of Israel is not left desolate. It is blessed.”

Jesus warned of the “Synagogue of Satan,” made up of “Them which say they are Jews and are not.” Yet Christians deny the very existence of the “Synagogue of Satan.” They say that Judaism is a fine religion that does not fit the mold of a “Synagogue of Satan.”

Pastors today are totally unaware that Judaism, the religion of the Jews, dismisses the truth of the Old Testament and has adopted other gods. Jews, in fact, now pray to Satan, and through the practice of davening, imagine they are having sex with a feminine goddess. Judaizer Christians know nothing of such practices and are ignorant of the devices of the devil. They even say they are “Judeo-Christians,” a terrible and blasphemous oxymoron.

Pastor Matt Furse carefully explores the decadent false religion of the Jews and demonstrates the damage that so-called “Judeo-Christianity” is doing to our society and to the Church. His is a truthful account that must be understood by pastors and laymen if the Christian Church is to recover from its apathy and become again a fire-house of God’s Truth. I highly recommend this outstanding book.“

—Texe Marrs
Austin, Texas
March 15, 2016


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