Whole Foods, Sushi Restaurants, and Fish from the Pacific Ocean – Cesium Roulette

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Mar 02, 2017

While at Whole Foods last night I was waiting for a heavy rain downpour outside to stop and had some extra time to kill. I walked past the fresh fish counter and was reading the country, ocean, or area of origin. Except for the Alaskan Salmon they didn’t have any fish from the Pacific Ocean. The employee asks if he can help, so I ask, “I don’t see any fish from the Pacific Ocean except maybe this Alaskan Salmon, is that because of Fukushima?” He immediately said yes. I thought that was interesting, a straight answer about Fukushima.

So I asked, what about the Sushi Bar at Whole Foods? He said “I don’t know where their fish comes from.”

The next time you’re at a better restaurant or grocery store notice this issue.  The Pacific fish have just quietly disappeared from menus and from better grocery store displays. Better restaurants are labeling their fish dishes with Atlantic, North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Chilean, Icelandic, etc. Anywhere but the Pacific Ocean. I personally don’t trust the country or ocean of origin tags and just abstain from fish.

Fukushima has become the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about, but executive decisions to hide Pacific fish are being made all around you.

Where is all the fish from the Pacific Ocean being sold?

cod combo

I suspect it’s being sold to frozen food processors, fast food restaurants, school systems, and prisons. And mom and pop restaurants who are clueless and are only looking for deals.

While at a small storefront sushi restaurant last week, I inquired where all their fish is from and the waitress promptly said Japan and Alaska. I brought up the Fukushima radiation disaster spewing 300 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean daily since 2011 and concerns about fish from the Pacific, especially Japan. She acted clueless and commented that no one else has ever asked. She also commented that people who are aware probably just don’t eat here. She might as well have said, “Now what would you like? I recommend our specialty, the Fukushima Cesium 137 Tuna Rolls, they are deadly delicious.”

In the new US Sick-Care Economy I guess radioactive cesium in Pacific fish is just good for the economy. More multi-million dollar cancer patients.  Invest in everything cancer, business is about to be brisk. Cesium roulette, like Russian roulette with fish instead of bullets. The good news is it could be several years before a cancer diagnosis.


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