YOU are America’s immune system against political corruption, media malfeasance and government criminality… and you’ve just been activated

Posted on Jun 06, 2016

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) America is being destroyed by a cancer. That cancer winds its way through the politics of the federal government, the sleazebag lying media (that hates America, by the way) and the runaway criminality of regulators like the EPA, FDA and CDC.

The cancer is CORRUPTION… yet that word doesn’t even begin to describe the level of hatred and intolerance toward America that now infects the dark minds of those in government, media and the corporate world. It’s more than just corruption; it’s an intense despising of everything that once made American great: Innovation, entrepreneurship, self responsibility, basic morality, clean food, basic respect for nature, and so on.

Today, everything that once made America great is under assault. If America is the patient, the establishment is the cancer, and that cancer has invaded every major organ of the body in an attempt to kill the host. There is, quite literally, a concerted effort under way across government and media to destroy this nation, to poison the food, to contaminate the soils, water and air… and to fundamentally transform America into a destitute, collapsed nation that resembles Mexico or Venezuela.

That’s why I’m invoking this health metaphor today and calling on all Natural News fans to activate yourselves as America’s immune system. I might call you America’s “white blood cells,” but I’m pretty sure I’d be called racist and bigoted for using the word “white” — and that further demonstrates another insanely stupid aspect of the “P.C. cancer” that’s also invading this nation.

It’s time to defend ourselves against this malicious, insidious cancer that’s now assaulting us all. In this article, I’ll share some action items on how to exercise that fundamental human right to self-defense as we work together to try to save this nation from those who actively seek to destroy it.

Obamacare insurance costs to skyrocket 60% next year in Texas

As just one small symptom of the cancer that’s destroying America, the largest health insurer in Texas is now saying it will have to hike rates by 60% next year just to keep from going bankrupt.

As Melissa Dykes reports in this Daily Sheeple article:

Blue Cross Blue Shield has requested a 60% rate increase in 2017 in Texas following complaints from the company that it is “losing money in the federal health exchanges because some customers have proven more costly to cover than anticipated”.

In other words, the cost of insuring people under the so-called “Affordable” Care Act is going to force prices to skyrocket to potentially unaffordable levels for everyone.

A 60% rate increase? At that rate of annual increase, health insurance costs will double every 1.2 years until 100% of your disposable income is extracted by the government (by force, via the IRS), leaving you in total poverty.

As this is happening, your employer will either go out of business trying to cover your skyrocketing health care costs, or — more likely — slash your hours to make you a part-time employee with no health insurance coverage. You’ll then need a second job to make up the lost income from the first job, and you still won’t have health coverage because you’re part time at the second job, too. So you’ll need a third job just to raise enough money to pay for a crappy health care plan with a $20,000 deductible. But you don’t have $20,000, so if something serious happens to you, you’re basically bankrupt, jobless and ultimately homeless.

On top of this one example with health care, we also have a media that knowingly and systematically lies about almost everything it reports; a government that’s actively conspiring to mass poison the American people (the Taiwan limit on glyphosate in food is 0.1 ppm, but the EPA conspired with Monsanto to set that limit 300 times higher in America, at 30 ppm); and corporations that routinely prey upon innocent victims (Big Banks, Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers).

Drug companies and government regulators work in collusion, running active conspiracies to poison the American people for profit. The EPA conspires with Monsanto to poison the entire food supply, and the USDA conspires to release experimental GMOs into the open environment… setting off unknown long-term consequences due to genetic pollution. Meanwhile, media prostitutes like the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and the New York Times all conspire with pesticide and herbicide companies to claim that glyphosate is good for you and GMOs are safe!

These are just a few of the symptoms of the cancer that’s now murdering America…

This cancer is a triad of deception and destruction: Government, Corporations and Media

The insidious cancer taking over America today is sometimes called “bad government” but it’s far more than that. It’s the combination of corrupt government, sellout media and greedy corporations, all working in collusion to screw the American people out of everything they own. Technically, it’s called fascism.

This triad of greed, criminality and corruption absolutely will not stop until they have drained your bank account of every last dollar you ever earned and saved… and yes, this includes raiding your pensions and seizing those funds as well. In fact, that process has already begun as 400,000 retirees just had their pensions slashed by 50% as reported in this Activist Post article.

Mark my words: If you do not stand up and stop the insanity that’s been taking place over the last 15 years in America, this nation is lost and you will find yourself bankrupt, homeless and destitute.

But what can you do as part of America’s immune system against this invading cancer?

Action steps: Five powerful things you can do right now to stop the cancer that’s destroying America

Here are five powerful things you can do right now that make a real, practical difference:

#1) SPEAK OUT. Stop remaining silent. Evil succeeds “when good men do nothing,” to quote Edmond Burke. Commit to voicing your concerns and your demands for real change. Do not stay silent as you are overrun by tyranny, corruption and criminality.

#2) VOTE AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. In all upcoming elections, vote out the political insiders. Clean the House! Evacuate the Senate! Punish the lifetime politicians and vote in fresh outsiders who at least promise to upend the system. (Whether they can pull it off is another story, however…)

#3) CANCEL YOUR CABLE TV; STOP WATCHING FAKE MEDIA NEWS. You already know that nearly everything broadcast by CNN, MSNBC and NPR is fake or distorted. So stop watching their shows! Cancel your cable TV subscription. Tune in to independent media (alternative media) to get real news. And stop reading the sellout Washington Post, New York Times or other mainstream news outlets engaged in journalistic malpractice. Frankly, comedian Bill Burr is more factually accurate than the Washington Post…

#4) DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST PHYSICAL ASSAULTS. To all those innocent people being assaulted at Trump rallies, belted with bottled and bloodied with fists, it’s time that you understood such assaults are FELONY assaults. As police stand by and do nothing, it’s time you realized this is the whole purpose of concealed carry. Under common law, you are justified in standing your ground and defending your life against violent mobs engaged in physical assaults against your person. Sooner or later, I predict, somebody is going to open fire against a violent mob in an act of sheer self-defense to save their own life. And the entire nation is going to cheer that person, by the way, except for the mainstream media which will obviously lie about what happened. Yes, you read me correctly: The next mass shooting may be an act of self-defense…

#5) BE PREPARED TO SURVIVE THE SOCIAL UNREST THAT’S COMING. This last point is absolutely crucial. In every political scenario that plays out over the next 12 months, I’ve come to the conclusion that mass social unrest is inevitable. Cities are going to be placed under martial law. Roving gangs of looters are going to run free in many cities across America. The police will be either helpless to do anything about it or unwilling to intervene given how poorly all the cops have been treated by the rest of society.

NOW is the time to get out of the cities. As my friend says, “When the s–t hits the fan, don’t be standing in front of the fan.” Be somewhere else, like out in a more rural area, away from the death zones of the cities.

Being prepared is not merely about buying storable food and a water filter. You need to have a water source within walking distance. You need to know how to defend yourself against violent assaults. You need to know how to grow your own food in a covert manner where others can’t find it and raid it.

You’ll also need some green paper cash, some silver coinage and some physical gold. You’ll need to know how to navigate on foot, and you’d better have a backpack that isn’t bright purple or orange so that everybody within a five mile radius can spot you at a distance.

Study what’s happening in Venezuela right now. There, people who thought they were just fine two years ago are now dumpster diving for food scraps… waiting in line 10 hours to buy a cup of flour and an egg… dying by the hundreds in filthy government-run hospitals where basic medical supplies have run out (almost sounds like the VA hospital system in America, doesn’t it?) Mass starvation has now begun in Venezuela, and the government has criminalized the storage of preparedness food just to punish those who planned ahead. (Sound familiar?)

Do you know about “micro-caching?” If not, you’d better look it up and start learning. Anything you can’t hide is likely to be confiscated or stolen.

Do you know how to sprout seeds? How to grow potatoes? How to harvest seeds from lettuce plants? (Half of America probably doesn’t even realize lettuce plants have seeds to begin with… that’s how doomed the rest of the population is.)

A large-scale Natural Selection event approaches

My friend says what’s coming is a large-scale “Natural Selection” event that’s going to weed out the delusional morons in the human gene pool. (Yeah, he’s blunt.)

If that’s true, your best strategy is to be smarter than the masses who will become extinct when it all hits the fan. Don’t be caught dead in a city, or you’ll be caught dead in a city, y’know.

Cities are concrete tombs for the oblivious masses. Without electricity, they have no water, no heat, no air conditioning, no elevators, no gasoline pumps, no electricity for hospitals, etc. They collapse within a few short days, and there’s nowhere for the millions to go except to start stealing and looting from each other.

In a collapse, the farther you get from a city, the higher your survival chances become. Remember that and act accordingly. In my view, time is running out, and we may see a serious, large-scale collapse within the next 18 months, especially if Trump becomes president because the political establishment would then deliberately try to crater the entire system to blame him for all of it. (He’s the perfect patsy for the establishment dumping all its years of running a Ponzi-style debt pyramid. Getting trump elected is their perfect opportunity to blame someone else while they unwind the entire debt scheme that’s been propping up the false economy since 2001…)

The bottom line in all this? YOU are America’s immune system, and you’ve just been activated. It’s time to beat back the cancer that’s destroying this nation and start ferreting out the anti-American haters and destroyers who are deliberately trying to steal your future and leave you powerless and penniless.

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