Bible Prophecy Talk – Chris White – Hydroxychloroquine , Ivermectin & Artemisia Annua

Posted on Mar 14, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  Chris White of Bible Prophecy Talk sent a list of suggested video links regarding the facts, “science” and possible medical issues they should consider before they reprogram their DNA with an untested vaccine. One came back saying, “OK, I agree it’s too risky but I’m scared; what can I do in place of multiple vaccines.”  The following podcast is his followup to that question. I ordered a couple bottles of Artemisia Annua from Swanson after this information.


Early in this podcast I also talked about the vaccine video links I send to my family in emails. So here the list I went with:


Anti-parsitic pharmaceuticals such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have shown some promise in medical trials for COVID 19, especially when taken early after the onset of symptoms, and in moderate doses. Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

There has been some arguments about these studies. For example, one of the most prestigious medical journals, the Lancet, published a paper that claimed to show that Hydroxychloroquine was not safe or effective. It was  shortly after this study was published that the WHO and CDC stopped their clinical trials for Hydroxychloroquine. However the Lancet later retracted that study, and apologized to their readers, saying that they could not confirm the data provided in the study! This was only after an open letter, signed by nearly 150 prominent doctors was sent to the  Lancet, that pointed out the clear inconsistencies with the study. Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

In another study, designed by the WHO, but has been more or less replicated in other studies. (like the Oxford “Recovery” trial). In both cases researchers gave participants lethal doses of hydroxycholoiquine. Lethal doses as defined by the WHO themselves in a 1979 study. At least four times higher than maximum safe dosage of hydroxychloroquine was given to hundreds of severely ill hospitalized patients in intensive care units.

Nevertheless these particular WHO and Oxford studies were cited in various news stories claiming that hydroxycholoriquine was deadly and ineffective. Some hospitals declined to be a part of the study because of the unusually high does. The Recovery study at Oxford “Recovery” trial is still active as of 3/10/21 Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

One influential study waited an average of 16 days after the onset of symptoms to give the first does of hydroxychloroquine to the patient. However when Hydroxychloroquine is given early after the onset of symptoms, it has been shown to dramatically improve outcomes with COVID19. Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

It is not currently known why anti-parasitic medications show promise on COVID 19, one theory is that these anti-parasitics are “increasing intracellular pH resulting indecreased phago-lysosome fusion, impairing viral receptor glycosylation.” Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

Artemisia Annua:

Artemisia Annua or Sweet Wormwood. It is a plant that has been used in Chinese  medicine for hundreds of years. Artemisinin (derived from Artemisia  Annua)  is considered to be “the current best therapeutic for treating  malaria.” Alt link:

There  are also natural version of anti-parasitics like Quinine which is isolated from the bark of a cinchona tree, Hydroxychloroquine was designed to mimic Quinine. Quinine has also been widely used to treat malaria and other parasites by itself. Alt link:

Artesunate (which is derived from the Artemisia Annua plant) is considered to be a better than Quinine for malaria, though they both are used for different reasons. Alt link: Alt link:

Artemisia Annua has shown significant promise in clinical trials in Germany against COVID19 and is currently undergoing further clinical trials at the University of Kentucky and Mexico. Alt link: Alt link: Alt link: Alt link:

Artemisia Anuua (the plant itself, in capsules or as a tea) and its derivative Artemisinin are sold on Amazon and have good customer feedback, which can be another way to research this topic.

The plant Artemisia Annua is fairly easy to grow (in full sun) and seeds are also available for sale online

Side Effects

Source: Alt link:

“When  taken by mouth: Artemisia Annua is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth, short-term. The tea of Artemisia Annua might cause upset  stomach and vomiting. Liver damage has also been reported in a small number of people taking Sweet Annie tea or extracts. Artemisia Annua might also cause an allergic reaction in some people, including a rash and cough.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Artemisia Annua is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy. Animal studies show that drugs made in the laboratory from artemisinin, a  chemical found in Sweet Annie, can cause death of the fetus or birth defects when used early in the pregnancy. The safety of using Artemisia Annua during the last 6 months of pregnancy is not known. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization considers drugs made in the laboratory from artemisinin acceptable to use during the last six months of pregnancy, if no other malaria treatment is available.

There  isn’t enough reliable information to know if Artemisia Annua is safe to  use when breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Allergy to ragweed and related plants: Artemisia  Annua may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the  Asteraceae/Compositae family. Members of this family include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many others. If you have allergies, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before taking Artemisia Annua.

Liver problems: Artemisia Annua might cause liver problems, even in healthy people. Taking Artemisia Annua might make liver problems worse. People with a history of liver problems should avoid taking Artemisia Annua

Not for Long Lerm Use: Artemisia Annua is meant to be taken as a treatment in the short term.



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