25 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies you can’t deny – The Answer to 1984 is 33AD

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Mar 12, 2017

The Answer to 1984 is 33AD

25 Stunning Bible Prophecies you can’t deny.

Daniel 12 Travel and the internet.

Revelation 16 predicts the Ataturk Dam.

Matthew 24 double prediction of end time deceivers.

2nd Thessalonians don’t be deceived in any way.

Isaiah 44 – King Cyrus.

Ezekial 26 – Tyre.

Revelation 11 – Global communications.

2 Peter 3 ignorant of flood.

Psalm 83 – All surrounding nations against Israel.

Micah 5 – Bethlehem.

Luke 21 Earthquake.

Another prophecy is true. How we got the bible. Where it comes from

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