$550 Whole House Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Contaminant Filter from Lowe’s or Home Depot

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Mar 28, 2020

Update:  This is an example of an installed Pelican Whole House Water Filtration system for fluoride, chlorine, lead and other contaminants. You will most likely have to reroute a water line to do this. Plan on replacing the pressure control valve ($100) because you will want to control pressure (up) if the filters slow water to showers. Notice the main water line is cut 3 times across the top of the picture. 2 – 3/4″ Tees and 1 – on/off Main Water Line Valve. There are 2 more on/off valves on the left and right side of the filter. See one hose bib drain valve on the left side of the filter. This is 2 pieces  2′ X 4′ X 3/4″ sanded plywood. This layout allows you to bypass the filter by turning the left and right valves off and turning the top water line valve on. This is good if the filters are dirty and clogged and replacement filters are unavailable or if the filter malfunctions, cracks, leaks, etc. and needs to be depressurized by bypassing it.

EZ Diet Note:  There’s nothing worse than checking into a hotel room, vacation rental or visiting someone and turn any faucet on and get a strong whiff of what smells like clorox or a pool you just shocked with heavy chlorine. I don’t consider that smell a good thing. Chlorine gas was also used in German concentration camps to exterminate Jews. Fluoride was first added to the water in those same concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile and compliant. Isn’t it interesting most “public” water sources mirror concentration camp water quality.

I know my skin soaks up chlorine and fluoride, and it drys my skin out, makes my hair look like wire and taxes my kidneys and liver to filter it back out. Either filter the water coming into the house or let your liver and kidneys do it for you.

I’ve looked into whole house fluoride and chlorine filters before and never remember anything as simple to install or as affordable as this unit.  This $550 Pelican Whole House Water Filter removes 99% of chlorine and up to 80% of the fluoride at 5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). This is a good size for a condo, apartment, smaller home with a couple people, or any size home if you want better quality water in showers. I believe it’s also recommended for boats, motor homes and travel trailers.

For the Pelican Whole House replacement filter cost it’s:  Sediment $29, Chlorine Carbon $109, Fluoride $101 = $239 every 6 months.  That’s about $40 a month for clean(er) water at every faucet and outlet.  You can use several filter combinations. This triple filter would be the best for city or municipality water.  You might swap out the fluoride filter for something else on well water. Or add a water softener cartridge.

You need to use the system wisely to get the best water quality.  5 gallons a minute will handle a couple showers at the same time with water flow restrictors for best water quality. But running a washing machine, shower or 2, dish washer and toilet flush going simultaneously will lower the quality of water. The longer the water spends in filtration the better.  The faster the water is forced through the filter the lower the quality. You could also consider adding the $9.99 shower filters at each shower head too. See it and links below.

Pelican Whole House Water Filter $550

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have this filter discounted down to just $550 from $610.  Forget the easy install connector hoses shown in the video ($155) and just have a plumber install it.  A real plumber can install this thing for what you’ll pay for the 2 easy connector hoses.

Lowes:  https://www.lowes.com/pd/Pelican-Water-5-GPM-20-in-EZ-Connect-Compact-Whole-House-Lead-Fluoride-Filtration-Water-Dispenser-Filtration-System/1000460661

Home Depot:   https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pelican-Water-5-GPM-20-in-Whole-House-Lead-Fluoride-Filtration-Water-Dispenser-Filtration-System-THD-PC300-LF/302742557

Don’t let the pictures fool you, this is a big filtration system. Each one of those 3 cylinders is the size of a 120 lb women’s thigh from hip to knee. This system is 2 foot tall and 3 foot wide and very heavy duty. The box it comes in will fill a standard buggy. You’ll be rolling it out to the car on a building material cart. They’re made in Italy and the cardboard case is inadequate for shipping. It looks like gorillas tossed it from connection to connection before it got to Lowe’s. Mine came with the filter and steel bracket loose in the box. The blue filter cylinders were scratched, dents on the threaded end, holes in the box from being dragged. It’s a tough piece of plastic though and I didn’t see anything bad enough to make me want to send it back.

Molded single-channel design – less assembly required

No wasted water or electricity like reverse osmosis

Easy, leak free installation in compact spaces

Simple installation – no drain line

Clear sediment housing – see the difference

Great for condominiums, apartments, small cottages or homes

Also works for boats and RVs

99% chlorine and Chloramine reduction

80% fluoride reduction at 5 GPM

Amazon $10 Shower Filter w extra filter

You could also add a $10 shower filter at each shower head and clean the shower water better than nothing at all. This little filter makes a big difference in chlorine by itself. You can tell an immediate difference in your skin. The chlorine odor is gone too.

This shower filter at Amazon is a deal, you get the housing and 2 filters, 2 new washers and a roll of pipe tape for $9.99 w free shipping from China. I order 2 at a time, the purchase limit.

This is perfect for travel or vacation rentals. For hotel of vacation rentals just carry a small pair of channel locks (loosen shower head) and a roll of pipe tape. The filter and the shower head rolls back on hand tight into a new rubber washer. Avoid scratching shower head chrome by using a piece of cardboard or napkin between channel locks and shower head when unscrewing it the first time.

See:  https://www.amazon.com/Replaceable-Cartridges-Purifier-Impurities-Sensitive/dp/B075L46CXP

Why you need a water filter:

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