EZ Meal Ideas on The Ezekiel Diet

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Fruit Salad with Warm Meat Sauce Dressing. I like warm meat sauces over a salad. This is 3 or 4 ounces of pre-grilled turkey breast fillet, white mushrooms, onions, and a clean Braswell’s Merlot wine sauce warmed in a small frying pan. Then pour over a bed of mixed greens with pineapple, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes. I add a sauce plus the mushrooms and onions triple the amount of sauce for pouring over a salad like a dressing. Add extra low calorie salad dressing if needed. 200 calories in meat sauce, 100 calories in salad, plus a slice of Ezekiel Bread 80 calories. Under 400 calories.IMG-20130517-00762

Chicken or Turkey Vegetable Stew. I highlight this meal often because it’s under 300 calories, quick, filling, and good for you. Add multiple sauces to change the flavor daily. It’s the easiest way for me to get more vegetables in my diet.  I fill a six quart crock pot just about every week with 3 organic yellow squash, 3 organic zucchini, 2 or 3 organic tomatoes, a pack of sliced mushrooms, green onions for weight loss, regular onion for maintenance, and maybe a pack of frozen green beans, and a pack of sliced frozen pepper, onion, and celery mix, a couple cups of clean organic low sodium chicken broth, heavy on fresh sliced garlic, pepper, and Mrs. Dash no sodium seasoning. I fill the crock pot to the brim and it cooks down to about 2/3rds full. Set the crock pot to 3.5 to 4 hours on low heat to preserve nutrients. Don’t over cook it because it will marinate in the fridge all week. Take it out of the crock pot between hour 4 and 5 so it doesn’t keep cooking. Slice squash thicker to stay together in the fridge for up to a couple weeks. Fill a couple large Tupperware containers and you have 8 to 10 meals like the one pictured. Just add 3 ounces of sliced pre-grilled meat, a cup of the veggie mix, and sauce in a small frying pan till it starts bubbling, stir and dump in a bowl.IMG-20130515-00749

Banana Non-Dairy Ice Cream. This is a couple frozen bananas, sliced, added to a food processor with stevia, pumpkin pie spice, with a walnut topping. About 200 calories. I’ve experimented with butter flavoring, and pecans for butter pecan. And I intend to experiment soon with frozen bananas with Cacao powder for chocolate non-dairy ice cream. See Chocolate Banana Non-Dairy Ice Cream instructions HEREIMG-20130508-00737

2 Minute 100 Calorie Side Salad. I add this picture because this a 100 calorie plateful of salad with an 80 calorie slice of Ezekiel Bread to mop up all the leftover dressing. Add 3 ounce of white meat for another 100 calories.  Fill a large Tupperware container with 2 or 3 sliced cucumbers, a package of cherry tomatoes sliced in two, a couple slices of onion, a splash of lemon to keep it fresh longer, add a vinaigrette salad dressing. Add lid and shake well then spoon out on a bed of salad for several 2 minute, 100 calorie side salads. IMG-20130507-00735

This can be 3 to 4 ounces of pre-grilled chicken breast or turkey breast fillet heated in a small frying pan with a handful of mushrooms, and a slice or two of onion, add sauce and simmer and serve, maybe 200 calories. Spoon out some of the pre-made cucumber salad as a side 60 calories, plus a slice of Ezekiel Bread 80 calories to mop up the leftover sauces and dressing. Maybe 350 calories. IMG-20130504-00720

Why mushrooms and onions?

Because they triple the size of the entree for about 20 extra calories. The mushrooms turn into sauce flavor sponges. And the fluid from the mushrooms and onion cook down into a natural sauce. This is one reason I like bold sauces that only takes a couple tablespoons, plus the liquids from the meat, mushrooms and onions and you have 3 to 4 times the sauce after simmering for a few minutes.

Ground Turkey, Mushrooms, Onions, and a Mushroom Marsala Sauce 200 calories, 2 yellow squash steamed with sauce 80 calories, and a slice of Ezekiel Bread 80 calories to mop up the leftover sauce.IMG-20130419-00710

You should be catching on by now, pre-grill a bunch of chicken or turkey. Wrap it in foil while hot to trap juices and protect from air. Have veggie stew leftovers for the week. And maybe some fresh vegetables to steam with the pre-grilled meat. Below I stir fried a 4 ounce piece of meat, with plenty of mushrooms and onions, cherry tomatoes. While steaming the broccoli in a steamer. Once the meat and mushrooms and sauce has simmered into a sauce I add the steamed broccoli.IMG-20130415-00703

Do I have to cook? Yes you do. Or be fat. This is a 15 minute chipped pre-grilled BBQ chicken or turkey with mushrooms and onions. IMG-20130604-00831

This is the exact meal being heated and steamed in the picture above. Lightly toast the Ezekiel Bread to mop up the leftover sauce and dressing. I normally add a salad dressing to the steamed vegetables.IMG-20130604-00832


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