7 Cooking Oils Explained At Costco..The Good, Bad & Toxic!

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jun 21, 2019

YouTube Description:  A common question I have been getting lately, is which cooking oils are good for me, and which ones are bad. Also, you guys want to know when it safe to use olive oil, and what oils can be used for high heat cooking.

Well, we went back to Costco to give you guys all of the information you need to know about cooking oils. I break it down and let you know which oils are healthy ans safe to cook with, and which oils are downright toxic(hint, it’s veggie oil).

Many people believe that olive oil is not safe to cook with and that i has a low smoke point and sauces cancer, where did this come from? Watch the video and learn about this amazing monounsaturated fat that is great for cooking under with almost any heat.

Not all fats are created equal which is why I wanted to explain to you guys when to use certain oils, and how to use them. Some oils have higher smoke points, some are flavorless, and some are so highly refined and processed, you need to stay away because they are bad for your health.


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