Report: 82% of Pregnant Women Who Got a COVID-19 Vaccine Had a Spontaneous Abortion

Posted on Jun 27, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I just watched all 8 episodes of the Amazon Original Series Utopia (2020). The globalist cabal have some weird code that compels them to tell us in advance what they’re doing, often in the mainstream media. This is so anyone aware can act accordingly to protect themselves. Kind of a subliminal “we warned you.”

The reality of the spontaneous abortions findings in this report in the first video line up with the theme of Amazon’s Original Utopia Series that was abruptly canceled after just one season. I imagine the first and only season of Utopia contributed to vaccine hesitancy big time.

While Amazon conveyed their globalist masters sinister message, they did so in such a way as to persuade viewers through suggestion (very powerful when it’s your conclusion); that everyone awake and aware of what’s really happening are crazy nut-job preppers and paranoid conspiracy freaks who should be assassinated on sight once they catch on to the ploy or any piece of the ploy.

Amazon Original – Utopia (2020) starring John Cusack playing a Bill Gates type character. Reality is lining up with Amazon’s Original. Watch it before they start charging extra for it.

Amazon Cancelled ‘Utopia’ After One Season, and We Think We Know Why


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