Actors Give Advice on Diet & Exercise When They Have To Transform Their Body

Posted on Oct 06, 2018

Ezekiel Diet Note:   It’s interesting that Ezekiel Bread comes up a couple times in this montage of what do you eat questions.  Those on-screen perfectly ripped hulked-up bodies take lots of hard work, dreary diets and dedication that all culminates with the illusion in the movie.

Actors giving advice on diet & exercises based on their experiences from training for their movies. Diet, exercise, lifestyle, and even cheat meals are shared. Deep down, all these guys share one thing in common. A dedication to their craft and unrelenting desire to succeed. Their words are straight forward. Do the work and the rewards will come.

Actors included in this video are below:

Alexander Skarsgard: Tarzan

Ben Affleck

Chris Evans

Christian Bale

Chris Pratt

Chris Hemsworth

Dwayne the Rock Johnson

Gerard Butler

Henry Cavill

Hugh Jackman

Jake Gyllenhaal

Mark Wahlberg

Michael B. Jordan

Ryan Reynolds

Sylvester Stallone

Zac Efron


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