How To Make Almond Meal and Medjool Date Pie Crust – 315 Calories

Posted on May 23, 2015

This has become my favorite low calorie, healthier pie crust. I don’t add any Stevia or sweetener. The Medjool Dates add a slightly sweet, caramely texture that’s much better than butter. Also, butter doesn’t add as much volume as Medjool Dates do. This allows me to cut back from a whole cup (680 calories) of Almond Meal to just 3/4 cup (510 calories) because of the extra bulk.

I’m regularly buying 20 Medjool Dates a week now. About $5 to $6 for 20. I use 6 for 2 pie crusts, and I will have a couple occasionally with coffee as a snack.

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These are the ingredients for 2 pie crusts. I always make 2 thinner pies at a time.

3/4 cup Almond Meal – 510 calories

6 Medjool Dates – 120 calories

2 teaspoons Cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon Ginger, 1/4 teaspoon Cloves

Total 630 Calories – for 2 pie crusts

Total 315 Calories – for 1 pie crust

Mix in a small food processor (I just saw a 2 cup food processor for $10 at a Dollar General store), add the almond meal, pitted Medjool Dates, and spices into the grinder/processor into a meal like consistency. Maybe a minute or two.


I spoon the mix out one heaping spoonful at a time to evenly distribute to two buttered pie tins. I like pie tins because with the plastic cover they stack easily. I normally have two pies in the fridge all the time.


Distribute around the pie tins one heaping spoonful at a time, then take a fork and rake the mix into place.  Place a little extra at the sides. However, this isn’t enough mix to go all the way up the side. If you’re making two pies, your pie mix will only make a 3/4 inch thick pie. I always make two thinner pies, so just rake it up a half inch on the side. Then press down with your fingers.

I spray the crust with olive oil and place in the preheating oven for just a few minutes while I start on the pie mix.


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