ANOTHER Antiparasitic Drug Cures Cancer? MEDICAL MAFIA, Mysterious Deaths of Doctors & Scientists

Posted on Mar 14, 2022

Coincidence? ANOTHER anti-parasitic medication is effective at treating a disease big pharma told us is “incurable.” Ivermectin and Hydroxy were not the first life-saving treatments that Big Pharma and the government withheld from the public. Joe Tippins claims Fenbendazole cured his cancer and he heard about it from a Merck pharmaceutical lab worker YEARS AGO.

Also in this video, we discuss the Fauci AIDS cover-up back in the 1980’s and how doctors who brought forth cures were physically attacked because the establishment did not want word getting out about cures. Likewise, at the end of the video, we discuss the ever-growing list of natural medicine doctors and scientists who have mysteriously died right after discovering medical breakthroughs. Big Pharma, the Medical Mafia, is about WEALTH not Health. A customer cured is a customer lost. These billionaire psychopaths are killing us.


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