Archbishop Vigano – Vaccine is the ‘Mark of the Beast’

Posted on Oct 09, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note: Most of the popular hosts in the alternative media that sell anything or depend on contributions won’t report on Jesuit involvement in the AMA, ADA, CDC, WHO, NIH, all US Government Corporations, the covid conspiracy, the Great Reset and the NWO.  It’s either because they don’t want to lose their deceived Catholic customers and donors or they’re working for them through one of their alphabet agencies or clubs and an agreement to omit.

For all the deceived Catholics everyone tiptoes around to protect them from their lack of discernment, they’re all about to be collateral damage of the Great Jesuit Vaccine Inquisition of America. Revelation 18 :4 “’Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;”

Other commentators continuously paint the Kabbalist Jews as the problem while omitting the role of Rome and the Jesuits, they should be suspect as well. Endless Kabbalah, Kabbalah, Kabbalist, Kabbalist is just another way to tiptoe around their deceived Catholic customers. The truth is the Kabbalist Jews took control of the Jesuit order and they act as one using Rome’s incalculable wealth from centuries of inquisition and the murder and wealth acquisition from tens of millions of innocent Protestants, WWII looting of Europe, the Medical and Military Industrial Complex, the Federal Reserve and nation building.

Most of the alternative media today is Jesuit theater either by commission (agreement) or omission (idiots). Jesuits always control both sides of the narrative.

Those who are telling the whole truth will be on the far fringes of media… unorganized, without marketing and business savvy and starving financially.

I don’t know yet what to believe about this Archbishop Vigano theater of the obvious, except Jesuits normally control both sides of the narrative.

The interview was done remotely with prerecorded questions and in this release Robert Moynihan is the host.

Vigano is an Italian Catholic prelate and former papal nuncio to the United States under Pope Benedict who has lived in hiding since August 2018, when he published a bombshell letter highly critical of Pope Francis.

Vigano has become a watchman on the wall and a hero for traditional conservative Catholics. He often writes about the existence of a “deep church” led by the heretical papacy of the Jesuit Pope Francis, who is working to achieve an evil agenda with the corrupt deep state within the United Nations, World Economic Forum, governments of the world, big corporations, big pharma and big finance.


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