Are You a Mind Controlled Global Slave? Most People Are.

Posted on Jan 23, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note:  You can’t disprove any of the information in this video. Just listen with an open mind. We live in a matrix of lies. We should question everything.  We’ve been indoctrinated in the absurd. Most of you still believe the heliocentric worldview fakery just to be accepted by the hive-mind global slave group. Most of you won’t accept this information, just like there are so many Covidians virtue signalling with masks and vaccines just trying to be part of the slave group and be accepted. Many people research this and become closet FE believers because they understand the stranglehold the heliocentric worldview has on the minds of the average person.

After you absorb all this information you come to  understand that the list of counterintelligence in the alternative media is huge. Everyone talking about space travel, planets, Mars missions, NASA CGI nonsense, moon landings, globes, the secret space program, etc. are lying to you, and I believe most of it is intentional. It’s why I wrote off at least a dozen alternative media personalities that work diligently to reinforce this global slave-mind heliocentric matrix.  They all claim to be high-IQ individuals, most are narcissists. They’re so deeply invested in the heliocentric model there’s no way they can change now.


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