Battlefield America: 2022 – 2024, Episode 1, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams

Posted on Feb 03, 2022

Mike Adams: The criminal Biden regime is thrusting America into a state of total collapse — supply chain failures, skyrocketing inflation, mass money printing and economic catastrophe — while sowing hatred and division among the population.

Soon, an engineered cyber attack will target America’s financial infrastructure and regional power grid operators. The result will be near-instant chaos in and around America’s blue cities.

Within days, America will descend into an active battlefield operating under declared martial law. Supplies will be cut off (fuel, food, medicine, electricity) and financial transactional failures will leave the vast majority of the American people unable to purchase supplies or even cash a paycheck.

The dollar-denominated bank accounts of the masses will be wiped out. The dollar will collapse, and tens of trillions of dollars in dollar-denominated assets — bonds, stocks, pensions and treasuries — will become worthless overnight.

This is all being done on purpose. It’s part of the globalist plan to defeat America, depopulate the continent and take down the last bastion of freedom against tyranny.

Steve Quayle and Mike Adams have known this plan was coming for many years, and in this five-part interview series, they reveal their most up-to-date predictions and warnings about the imminent takedown of America and what it will take to survive as demon-infested globalists declare war on the entire human race.


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