Best & Taylor Flash Intel Update: War Drums & Invasions – A Trap Being Set for Us?

Posted on May 27, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note: Stewart Best and Larry Taylor are interesting to listen to. A lot of what they report on is under-reported fringe news sprinkled with a lot of their conjecture in light of Bible prophecy. It’s similar to the Art Bell C2C style.

Stewart Best was one of the original pioneers of alternative media documentary productions. Before the alphabet agencies, controlled by the clubs (that you ain’t in), took note and started countering alternative media documentary production with disinfo and subtle omissions.

Stewart Best was also before YouTube and mass distribution methods, over 30+ years ago Stewart Best aka THE LIGHTGATE BLOGGER was producing alternative media video documentaries, like IRON MOUNTAIN, THE ATLANTIC CHRONICLES, THE AMERICAN BABYLON CONNECTION and many others.

He is a researcher into the paranormal and metaphysical areas, ancient texts like The Kolbrin, Enoch, The Bible, Prophecy, government reports and others. He has produced dozens of documentaries. He’s the author of many books, E-Books, audio reports and more. He’s been doing radio interviews for decades, including the late great Art Bell, TV and is the host of NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO.

China Invades India; Hong Kong & Taiwan Next? Pentecost & Obama & More…

This is a flash update because of an invasion into India by the China military in what appears to be a change in the normal incursions along the disputed border areas of the two nations. At the same time, of course, we have the China threats against Hong Kong and Taiwan, as China appears to be getting more aggressive. Some Israeli rabbis have said that the Gog-Magog wars may start with a war between China and the USA. Then we have more information on the possible 1260-1260-1335 day count and Pentecost being the day of Christ beginning – and the possible ramifications to the world. —Stewart Best


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