Best & Taylor Intel Review (6/23/2021): A Special Guest and WARNING, Sudden Destruction, and Much More!

Posted on Jun 24, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  This is just interesting fringe conjecture about the rapture of the church. It’s just one more attempt at guessing the catching away of the church based on signs, events of the time and numerology.

I’m not a fan of Steve Fletcher who I know  has been wrong more than he’s ever been right. Plus I almost didn’t post this interview because Steve’s audio is always terrible. Steve: PLEASE GET A $10 EAR BUD MICROPHONE AND TEST SOUND QUALITY BEFORE SUBJECTING US TO YOUR MUFFLED PAY PHONE BOTTOM OF A WELL, BACKGROUND NOISE INTERVIEWS.

Steve Fletcher, 9th of Av, Tu B’Av, Trumpets, War Drums, Rapture, Arrival and More…

Steve Fletcher will join us tonight to discuss the possibility that we may be much closer to the removal of the Church than anyone realizes and points to the 9th of Av, a time of trouble for Israel and possible rapture of the Church. Then we have Tu B’Av a most unusual minor “feast” of joy and love & marriage, very symbolic of the Bride of Christ being removed as a thief in the night snatching away His Church. Next is Feast of Trumpets, the Feast that no one knows the day or the hour when it will happen, and remember Jesus told us we would not know the day or the hour but would know things were very close. We will go into the timeline of Israel and what a generation is and much more in this hour of time. Then Russia, China, Israel are on the verge of WAR and the next three to four weeks may be interesting indeed. The USA plunges ever deeper into a communist police state as Earth changes continue to increase the world over with floods, droughts, quakes, and volcanic activity and more… —Stewart Best


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