Blackrock Whistleblower Who Predicted The Crash of Moderna Breaks New Bombshell Information

Posted on Feb 19, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note: This is easily the Interview of the Week. Listen to this one a couple times. Here are just a few of the facts Edward Dowd of drops in this interview.

Modern a’s stock down 70%. They’re a one product company and may not survive the liability if fraud is established.

The matrix brought to you by Ph izer is down 19%. They’re a multiple product company and can absorb more liability if fraud is established.

“Funeral Home Growth Stocks up 40% in 2021 over 2020. Started accelerating in 2021 during the vaccine rollout.” I’ve been telling you for years here at the Ezekiel Diet Files to invest in funeral homes, cemeteries, casket manufacturers, chemotherapy practices, hospitals, basically everything death related.

4th Quarter 2021 group life insurance death claims at major life insurance carriers verses Base 2019 death claims:

U num up 36%

Lin coln Nat ional up 57%

Rein surance Group of Am erica up 41%

Hart ford up 32%

Me t Life up 24%

A gon up 57% (3rd quarter was up 1,258%)

Keep in mind the numbers above are for blocks of group life insurance claims experience. These are all working age claimants with life insurance most likely as part of their employment or tacked onto their health insurance. These are not elderly covid deaths with numerous other comorbidity factors or unemployed crackheads.

In another interview with Scott Davison, CEO of OneAmerica, a group life insurance carrier reporting death claims up 40%; we learned that a 10% increase would be an extraordinary disaster and only happens once every 100 years. These life insurance carrier numbers (listed above) have to be financially catastrophic to the industry in my opinion. They didn’t plan on these claims. It’s like a margin call for life insurance carriers.

Here’s another bombshell: A gon has discretely entered into what appears to be an unfavorable reinsurance agreement to shift losses on their $1 to $10 million high face amount life insurance policies. Up until now they could probably avoid the extra cost of reinsurance by using their actuarial tables and experience to fund their own block of claims. Those actuarial tables are already worthless for forecasting as nothing like this has ever happened. Reinsurance is like a financial safety net. The life insurance carrier shifts the risk of deaths exceeding standard mortality tables to a secondary company called a reinsurance carrier. So any death claims that are not expected get paid by the reinsurance carrier. The problem with this is only reinsurance carriers who got suckered in early will buy that block of risk. Life insurance companies are in trouble. This would be a game of reinsurance musical chairs. It’s probably already too late to find reinsurance carriers willing to assume that risk now that these numbers are out.

In my opinion, for the foreseeable future our life insurance payouts may be in the same boat as our Social Security benefit payout. Looks iffy at best. If your major insurance carrier life insurance policy is reinsured by a Caribbean shell reinsurance company with just a $1 million in reserves, then all claims go to litigation in another country.

UNLESS, and this is likely, the Federal Reserve families step in and become the reinsurance carrier of last resort and just prints death claim checks like any other black hole project for these too-big to fail carriers. Who are the too small to matter? Probably all those not owned by Black rock, Sta te Street and Van guard (Babylon).

We can only assume that all worksite ancillary benefit insurance carriers (like the one with the duck) are seeing claims off the charts for disability, cancer and intensive care policies.

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Edward Dowd of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the evidence of fraudulent clinical data as big pharma stocks fall.

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