Brenda Weltner: Timeline for Raptures & Resurrections…Visuals Part 6

Posted on Feb 15, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note: I realize Brenda Weltner was mistaken in her prior conjecture and interpretations of the Book of Revelation rapture timeline in 2020.  She missed at least 2 prior guesses on the rapture of the church. But she’s always noted one additional date (04-03-21) she believes is the mid-point of the tribulation, just prior to God’s wrath on earth and when the Antichrist is revealed. Brenda builds a plausible rapture scenario between now and 04-03-21 without noting any specific day. She has always admitted her mistakes and tried to explain that her conjecture is from years and years of Bible study and  her interpretation of the Book of Revelation. It’s just interesting and some good news or conjecture in a cesspool world full of bad(en) news. Regardless of whether she’s right or wrong the door will close soon. Even so come Lord Jesus.


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