CDC Pandemic Warning: Prepare for School Closings and Public Event Cancellations

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

Video at TruNews:

The TruNews YouTube account has been deleted since they started reporting on this virus. Ask why?  Maybe to keep you from hearing true news about it. has been under denial of service attacks. Someone is trying hard to take down their website since this virus coverage started.

It’s becoming obvious there is a national and mainstream media CoVid 19 coverup with under-reporting cases, slow reaction time, slow to test suspected cases and distribute test kits to states, slow to secure borders or international airports almost guaranteeing a national foothold.

Keep in mind that the same people who “borrowed” all your Social Security funds (and can’t pay them back) are in charge of protecting you from this virus.  Many of the U.S. CoVid 19 virus victims will be Social Security/Medicare aged Americans. Think about it. On guard, you’re under attack.

Stock risk. Sell now and buy low later may not work this time.  This is different. I personally would consider slipping out of stocks into something more secure.

Senator questions Secretary of Homeland Security on CoVid 19 virus – “are face mask availability for the entire American population.”

Highlights of CDC meeting today on CoVid 19 – sobering.


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