Chris Pinto – Jesuits, Coronavirus & Dr. Fauci – Noise of Thunder Radio

Posted on Mar 03, 2021

Today’s Show: JESUITS, CORONAVIRUS & DR. FAUCI – 02.25.2021

Chris discusses some of the current controversies over Covid-19, with statements from Dr. Fauci that even with the vaccine, people will not be able to go out to dinner, or to a movie, etc.  Are the so-called medical “experts” moving the goal post again?  Also discussed is the insanity in Canada as a Christian minister has been arrested for violating Covid standards, was reportedly tried “in secret” and sentenced for refusing to give up preaching the Gospel.  Will the coronavirus be the excuse necessary to bring back the Inquisition?  Finally, we consider the symbolism of the number 201 as it pertains to the pandemic, and why they may have named the dress rehearsal “Event 201.”



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