Chris Pinton – Noise of Thunder Radio: Dr. Fauci, Rome & Daryl Eberhart & Jesuit Theater in the News

Posted on Aug 04, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  Chris Pinto refers to the  recent heated exchange between Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci as “Jesuit theater”. From my own research this resonated with me as JESUITS historically control both sides of the conflict. See:

Today’s Show: DR. FAUCI, ROME & DARRYL EBERHART – 08.03.2021

In a special program, Chris interviews researcher Darryl Eberhart, a retired military intelligence office, and authority on the workings of Rome and the Jesuit order.  We discuss the current situation with Dr. Fauci and the Covid-19 regulations, along with the influence of the Vatican in America and the world at large.  We also evaluate some of the dialogue between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci in Congress. Senator Paul has argued that Dr. Fauci lied before Congress — will Fauci be held accountable?  Or will the heated exchanges between them end up going nowhere?  We consider whether it all might just be “Jesuit theater.”

NOTR – IN THE NEWS – 7.30.21

Chris discusses some of the increasingly tyrannical situation in Australia, as Covid-19 lock-downs intensify.  We listen to a disturbing report from an Australian news company announcing that some 900,000 people are placed under lock-down in Sydney. We also discuss the history of the Jesuits in Australia, as the Sydney Morning Herald tells of how “the Jesuits retained a stranglehold on shaping the intellectual development of the sons of well-to-do Australian Catholics.”  Could they be influencing Australian politics today?  Meanwhile, a new medical report claims that “natural immunity” is 700% better than the vaccine.   Nevertheless, the push to have more Americans vaccinated moves forward.  Also discussed are Joe Biden’s recent comments about a ban on 9mm handguns.  We discuss how the Catholic Bishops of America back in 1975 published their desire for the complete “elimination” of handguns from our society.

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