DIY Smart Meter Shield: light-duty, temporary, portable

Posted on Feb 18, 2017

Description: Temporary shielding wherever you go…–Find out more about smart meter harm: & — Test your shielding results with a Cornet RF meter:…– I use a Gigahertz Solutions HF35C analyzer, WITH ONE ATTENUATOR in this video, changing the read-out from microwatts per meter squared to HUNDREDS of microwatts per meter squared: add two zeros to the display. The Cornet meter I use to verify what I read with the HF35C, which it generally confirms as correct.

EZ Diet Note:  I just did the same thing in about 2 minutes with a 38 cent blue mylar bag that fit perfect and a couple feet of electrical tape. I cut the extra length off, slid it right over the glass housing, and ran a couple runs of black electrical tape around it, folded the open end like gift wrapping and added another 8 inches of electrical tape. If it gets taken off I’ll do it again in less than 2 minutes the next time.

I just realized today my old analog meter had been replaced with a new RF Smart Meter. I was livid.


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