Doctor Testifies Under Oath of Perjury That They Created COVID as a Bioweapon

Posted on Sep 06, 2023

If you have not seen this most recent version, watch this VITAL VIDEO!

Doctor Testifies ‘COVID Is A Created Bioweapon’

Intro by Roger Landry (TLB)

The first version of the video presented below is about a year old, yet how many of you saw it, shared it, or even discussed it? What we are learning here is damning beyond belief … yet who has been brought to task over this? Unless it is an intention with such massive and powerful backing that our voices would be ignored or silenced …

How many times were we told by Fauci (sorry for the profanity) that Gain of Function was NEVER a part of the research he (NIAID) was paying the Wuhan lab (China) to preform … BULLCRAP !!!

How many of you know that as early as 2010 it was known that this (supposed) bat virus was NOT transmissible to humans … without human modification (Gain Of Function) … which was apparently accomplished over the next decade with great success!

How many of you know that HIV (Causes AIDS) was also intentionally spliced into SARS-CoV-2 … to make it more infectious to humans … WHY ??? It was found that this also accomplished the creation of a Prion. Prion diseases are relatively new to our understanding … and known to be VERY dangerous …

And just what constitutes a Bioweapon …

A bioweapon is a biological agent that can be used purposefully as a weapon in bioterrorism or biological warfare. A biological agent is a bacterium, virus, protozoan, parasite, fungus, or toxin that can cause harm to humans, human-made structures, or the biosphere. A bioweapon is considered illegal if it is developed, produced, transferred, acquired, retained, or possessed for other than prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes. (source)

… and so much more! Finally the truth is all coming out …

Presented above is an interview conducted with Dr. Fleming, who under oath describes the Spike protein bio weapon timeline and parties involved in its development. Dr. Fleming’s qualifications are, Cardiologist, Nuclear Cardiologist, Physicist, PhD, MD and JD.



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