Does the Government Own Your Organs? What You Don’t Know Can Kill You | Dr Paul A Byrne MD

Posted on Apr 03, 2016

EZ Diet Comment:  Imagine being unconscious but aware that those around you have decided to dissect you alive without anesthesia. You can’t do anything about it because they’ve administered a drug to paralyze you during the procedure. No pain killer. Keep in mind you’re carrying around $5 million worth of organs. $5,000,000 is a huge conflict of interest, and motivator. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 40 you’re a prime target. A split second accident could put you in this situation within hours.

How aware and prepared are you REALLY for this: Your loved one becomes unconscious and suddenly you find yourself pressured to consent to organ donation, …. but what the experts are not telling you is that organs only come from LIVING donors who are dissected alive without anesthesia?

Why is brain death not based on sound medicine?
What really happens during organ harvesting?
Why do you need to know about the “apnea test” and what it does to you or your loved ones?
Why is only one side of the story being told?
How can you REALLY give informed consent?
What are your constitutional rights?
How is brainwashing employed to coerce donors families to feed the organ industry?
Are you opted in by law without your consent?
What does HIPPA really do with your privacy?
Is there any way out?
What specifically can you do NOW to prepare and protect yourself and your beloved family members?

Pioneering inventor of the Premie ICU and of Premie blood pressure systems, and founder of the field of neonatology, Dr Paul A Byrne MD joins Reluctant Preppers to draw back the curtain and expose the medical/industrial/government collusion that will set your heart pounding, and send you running to warn your loved ones! Do not miss this one! Share it with everyone you care about!

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