Don’t Forget [Feb 6, 2018] SpaceX Falcon Heavy Tesla Roadster to Mars – Joke Right?

Posted on Apr 30, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note: Let’s not forget the possible new owner of the Twitter dopamine manipulation  platform is the same guy who perpetrated the SpaceX Tesla Roadster hoax, and in my opinion fake CGI Falcon rocket landings.

That small inner voice that gives me an impression when certain news comes out was this: This Twitter purchase by Musk is Jesuit money and theater to try to put Trump’s new TRUTH Social out of business. Within a few hours I heard Mike Adams make the same connection. Chris Pinto also makes the same connection. In a multitude of counselors you find wisdom.

Just like they used Musk as the front puppet for SpaceX. NASA was thoroughly tarnished after repeatedly being busted for decades of hoax moon landings and space missions. It’s just another way to disappear $50+ million dollars a day. Which leaves $2 million a day for payroll, overhead, the vomit comet, CGI, special effects, rocket balloons, space filming pools, bubble eliminators, incidentals and donuts.

Some are saying they’ve been told Elon Musk is the real deal, you can trust him. Followed by: I’ll just leave it at that. Implying this is real information you can take to the bank from a genuine spook. Did somebody dim the gas lights again? “No, they’re still bright to me. Are you ok?” Gaslighting defined.


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