Dr. Lee Merritt and Mike Adams ask: Are covid spike proteins being RELEASED onto cities?

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Sep 21, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note: This interview is from 4 months ago, but I believe it’s even more relevant today as I’m starting to suspect that public spaces, stores and restaurants could be used as the spread vector.

I’ve heard several stories of “we attended a church event and then got sick.” Maybe church gatherings should adopt the “Lord thank you for the Ivermectin and protecting us from the enemy and their viruses” protocol. Pass out Ivermectin.  The enemy in the camp spreading the virus will be taking it. But most mainline denominations have no idea we’re even under attack. Perishing from lack of knowledge.

In the second recent video you’ll hear firsthand conjecture about specific speaking events of like-minded people being used as a spread vector.

You can see the subtle difference in Mike Adams’ face as he’s lost 20+ pounds since this first interview.

Dr. Lee Merritt: Coronavirus spike proteins may have been INTENTIONALLY RELEASED in three cities

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Dr. Lee Merritt talked about patients complaining that they’re getting problems from being around people who have been injected with coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Merritt noted that the problems are mostly related to reproductive organs – from women bleeding and having altered menses and men having testicular pain. These indicate two things – that vaccinated people can transfer the coronavirus spike protein injected to them to those who have not been vaccinated and that there’s something in the vaccine that’s been attacking people’s reproductive system.

Merritt also discussed how the coronavirus outbreak fizzled and how its death curve became like that of a classic seasonal viral death curve. She proceeded to talk about the possibility that the spike proteins had been released on three cities, namely Wuhan in Asia, an Italian city in Europe and New York in North America. According to Merritt, the release may have happened right before the flu season to get false positives in PCR tests, which can detect influenza viruses and ultimately create mass hysteria. Adams added that when the coronavirus vaccines arrive, it became easier to spread the spike protein.

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