FASTING AWAY DIABESITY? Ft. Jason Fung, Nephrologist & Best-selling author

Posted on Sep 01, 2019

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I can’t quite bring myself to do a no food fast. I’ve decided to stop grazing (even on healthy food) all day long to control insulin spikes. But more importantly I’ve decided to use a 16 hour fast (no food) and only eat between the hours of 8 and 4 PM. I may increase that later to 18 hr fast/6 hr consuming.  During my successful 100 lb weight loss I stopped eating at 6 PM and didn’t resume until 7:30 or 8 the next morning.  That was about a 14 hour fast (no insulin spikes)/10 hour consuming (insulin spikes).  I’m at a plateau 10 pounds heavier than my lowest weight. However I’ve been working out with weights for a year and added at least a few pounds in muscle. I’m not concerned about that 10 lbs because all my clothes fit well and I feel great.  Also weight loss always relaxes out a few pounds in maintenance mode.  But I believe my metabolism has slowed from restricting calories. I may bump the calories in the 8 hour window and see what happens.

It’s one of the cruellest and yet most avoidable and reversible diseases of our times. It’s the price humans pay for progress and abundance, a new Frankenstein created by the collusion of industry and science. Obesity, or rather diabesity has been making life miserable for millions of people, mainly because they follow the advice of their doctors. Should they? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Jason Fung, Canadian nephrologist and best-selling author.


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