Fluoride Content in Beer Website – More Alcohol Equals Less Fluoride – Pick Your Poison

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on May 30, 2015

I’ve often wondered about the fluoride content of different brands of beer. Below you can find a link to a handy website with the “fluoride content of various beers”.

I don’t drink much beer anymore but I keep a few low alcohol (55 calorie) beers in the fridge called Select 55 by Budweiser. I like a couple cold beers when I’ out for dinner, I’ll normally order a Mic Ultra because if I’m paying $5 for a beer I might as well get the alcohol of two Select 55s. Most restaurants don’t offer lower calorie beers anyway.

Although Select 55 hasn’t been tested on the website, it’s a Budweiser product from St. Louis, MO. Budweiser was tested and shows 0.4 ppm, and Bud Light tests 25% higher at 0.6 ppm, indicating the higher the water content, the higher the fluoride level. This probably indicates the Select 55 (lower alcohol than light, equals more water) will test even higher, probably 0.8 ppm, which is the fluoride levels found in most intentionally contaminated municipal water supplies. This kind of indicates Budweiser uses municipal tap water to make their beer and doesn’t surprise me. This is another reason I don’t drink that much beer anymore.

So it appears that the higher the alcohol content, and less water, equates to lower fluoride levels in your beer. The lower the alcohol count, the higher the fluoridated water content.  Interesting. Pick your poison.

A few brands stood out that were clean, or cleaner of fluoride than most, that are available at most restaurants and bars. They are: Coors Light .2 PPM, Corona .3 PPM, Dos Equis .0 PPM, and Heineken .0 PPM.

I think Coors Light will replace Select 55 in my fridge for an occasional light beer.

The site below considers 0.0-0.2 PPM (parts per million) to be fluoride-free

See the beer fluoride chart at http://ffbeers.com/

Flouride content beer


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