Meet the Massa: City of London Babylonian Merchant Banker-Demon Hoax

Posted on Sep 04, 2023

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Organizations based in the “One Square Mile” “The City of London” Usury Lemming Zoo of Redcoats: Bank of England, BlackRock, Lloyds Bank, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Silver Vaults, London Stock Exchange, World Gold Council, Debt Management, Warburgs, Barings, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, Goldsmiths, Rothschild & Co, N.M. Rothschild, World Bank, BNY Mellon, Patent Attorneys, London Metal Exchange (BaronMichael Farmer), Investec (Lord Mark Malloch-Brown), Barclays, Coutts Bank, Lloyd’s of London (insurance), Prince’s Trust (Sir Nigel Knowles—Kamala Harris’ handler), Salvation Army, YMCA (walking distance), London Royal Courts of Justice, Inner Temple, Inns of Court, Fleet Street (propaganda), Tavistock Institute (mind control,brainwashing, just blocks away), Facebook (walking distance), Google, BBC (walking distance), Satchi & Satchi (propaganda), Institute of Chartered Accountants, Weil Gotshal LLP (Facebook), Gibson Dunn LLP (Facebook), Baker McKenzie LLP (Facebook, Microsoft), Int’l Press Telecommunications Council, British Telecom, Unilever, Worshipful Council of Mercers (Livery Companies), British Bankers Association— It is a cozy group of Mammon-worshipping Babylonian Radhanite pagans dressed up like “Jews” and cowardly hiding behind the ADL. Sources:Wikipedia brag pages

Ezekiel Diet Note:  All I can say after watching this London banking history lesson twice is:

“Meet the Massa”


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