From the Fringe: William M. Boot “Who runs the world?”

Posted on Jul 09, 2023

Ezekiel Diet Files:  When you finally wake up from all the Jesuit controlled mainstream media matrix lies, beware; you have plenty of liars in the alternative media planted decades ago waiting for you. I’ve written it numerous times, you have to go way out on the barely funded fringes of the alternative media to find the rest of the story. Send $20 (or more) to William M. Boot and watch what happens.

I’m starting a new series here on the Ezekiel Diet Files titled From the Fringe where I will be emphasizing important interviews that large alternative media platform controllers will not allow.

The question that we are always asked, “Who really runs the world.” Is it the Talmudic Jews, is it the Freemasons? On today’s SFR broadcast we welcome William M. Boot, who’s popular website suggests that the Jesuits are still very much alive & kicking, and the Catholic Church is calling the shots. We also delve into 9/11, Covid, the
anti-Christ, and much more.

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