Greg Caton warns 2021 – 2024 will see “end times” global warfare to end the USA

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

Greg Caton warns World War III is coming

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Greg Caton  said the things we are seeing now are the culmination of plans conceived by people who are long gone. He said people need to understand that World War III is brewing. According to Caton, someone reliable told him that the architects of the impending war are upset because they’re behind schedule. Adams and Caton proceeded to discuss the plan to kill the majority of the American population. Caton said the numbers varied, but the plan is to kill hundreds of millions of Americans via an engineered event.

Caton told Adams that respect for authority is the enemy of truth and that what we’ve been seeing this past year is people’s resignation that whatever the authorities say has got to be true. It’s like we have a moral responsibility to trust Anthony Fauci and believe that Bill Gates is here to help us, he said. Caton said people are behaving like mice in some YouTube videos, practically kissing the fangs of a snake that’s about to eat them. Adams called it the voluntary Holocaust. People are volunteering to get injected with a biological weapon that will them, Adams said.

Greg Caton sites:

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