How I’ve Maintained an EZ 100 Pound Weight Loss

Posted on Feb 10, 2019

This post is about how I’ve maintained a 100 pound weight loss  since 2010. But it could just as easily be a HOW TO have a healthier lifestyle that will pay huge dividends, especially in the coming years under this new healthcare system.

From March 2010 to August 2010 I lost 100 pounds without exercise. For those who don’t know I lost a pound a day for 45 days and another 55 pounds in about 105 days for a total 100 pounds in 150 days or 5 months. I’ve never lost that much weight in my life. I didn’t start out to lose a 100 pounds. This system of eating perpetuated the weight loss so fast I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded, and shocked at how fast it was falling off. I also lost the 100 pounds without exercise, none, at all. This was completely contrary to what I believed.

Where did all that extra weight go?
Down the toilet. As simple as I know how to put it. It all slipped out the back…..jack. : ) By the way, I got to where I could recognize the smell of weight loss.

How did I lose the 100 pounds?
I did it by simply eliminating the egregious ingredients in the processed food supply and eating meals with fresh meat, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and Ezekiel Bread highlighted in this blog and my Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF.

I want to write about my day to day experience maintaining that weight loss.

First, I’ve used many diets in the past. My first diet experience was at age 10. That’s back when Sears and Roebuck used the term “husky” to define my body type. I never liked that term. I think I lost 20 or 25 pounds and slimmed way back to where I should have been.

That started a yo yo syndrome where I would lose the weight and slowly gain it back over 2 to 3 years. Every 3 to 5 years since I was 10 years old I would start a new diet. Some of those diets I stuck to because I was more determined and many, many more attempts ended in failure.

What diets did I use?
The Atkins Diet is what I used early on at age 10 and a few times in the decades that followed. Later I discovered HerbaLife which I used successfully on and off for a couple decades. Then I finally broke down and had NutriSystem drop ship highly processed prepared meal entrees and snacks to my front door. I have to say all those diets worked. However there was one huge point I was missing.

What was I missing?
The fact that the diet only treated a symptom of a much bigger problem that I was missing and unaware of. The Atkins, HerbaLife, and NutriSystem diets were only temporary solutions because the results only lasted while adhering to and paying for that system. As soon as I lost the weight, stopped the “diet” and slowly resumed my old processed food eating habits the weight slowly crept back on. Don’t miss this huge key point, or secret. I did. And I regret all the years I lost being fat, unhealthy, and unhappy.

What did all these diets have in common?
I also missed the huge key point or secret about what the Atkins, HerbaLife, and NutriSystem diets all had in common that allowed me to rapidly drop excess weight. The secret was this….all these systems temporarily got me off the polluted processed food supply that is spiked with numerous ingredients that facilitate rapid weight gain.

What was the big change with the Ezekiel Diet system that has allowed me to finally keep the weight off?
This is so simple and basic I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. Let me say this first. I’m a businessman, I’ve started many, many businesses. I’ve managed many other large departments and businesses for others for over 3 decades. All that experience taught me that the difference in success and failure is almost always very subtle. That statement is also very appropriate to this situation as well.

The secret was this…..I finally figured out that over 90% of the food in grocery stores and restaurants (especially fast food restaurants) has been intentionally contaminated and polluted with many health destroying ingredients and thousands of chemicals. Not only that but the nutrition to calorie ratio in all this processed food was so low it kept me hungry for more food because I was starving for nutrients.

Eliminate highly processed:

– food chemically pumped up to enhance shelf life and presentation,

– food spiked with neuro-excito-toxins such as MSG,

– food with low nutrient to calorie ratios,

– food with excessive sugar in all 15 forms,

– and most egregious… any food with high fructose corn syrup,

– and, all foods genetically modified which the body doesn’t recognize as food

– eliminate all high sodium sources mainly in processed food

– and prepared foods in bags, boxes, packages, jars, and cans with few exceptions (like 1 in a 100 products in grocery stores)

– and something amazing happens.

Here it is…..this is what’s so embarrassingly simple, but if you try it you’ll also be amazed. If the majority of your calories come from clean, fresh meat, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and flour-less bread such as Ezekiel Bread, and you eliminate the foods bullet-pointed above, the excess weight will simply fall off your body without exercise. I liken it to pushing a human reset button as your body will seem to automatically reset back to normal, ideal weight effortlessly.

Let me add a couple important caveats.…I still highly recommend known supplements that facilitate weight loss by assisting the body and organs. These include a whole-food multivitamin, Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Vitamin D2 and D3, pro-biotic bacteria, and iodine at the very minimum. Other known supplements include: Green Tea Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Ginseng, Conjugated Linoic Acid CLA, DHEA, DMAE, magnesium, etc., and a good grade of Hoodia to switch off food cravings while transitioning into healthier eating habits. All these supplements are discussed in this blog.

One more caveat….you have to get the fluoride out of your drinking and cooking water ASAP. Your thyroid and hormones have to work properly to lose weight. Fluoride in the water supply, contrary to popular belief, is not healthy for you and it impedes the proper operation of your thyroid. If the thyroid is all but shut down so are the needed hormones that your body needs to maintain normal weight. The sordid history of the fluoride scam is documented in this blog as well. You should filter fluoride out of your own drinking water. A counter-top water filtration system that also eliminates fluoride to purify your own water can be purchased and mailed to you for like a $100 at:

Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF


Part 2:

What did I do different after losing this 100 pounds that allowed me to maintain the weight loss?

I’ve posted this numerous times before, but for the benefit of new readers let me recap.

The secret: I came up with over 125 breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal ideas, and numerous snack and dessert ideas that fit this system of eating. See a sample here: 128 Ezekiel Diet EZ Meals

The breakfast meals are all approximately 300 calories, and most of my lunch and dinner ideas are in the 400 calorie range. Desserts are approximately 200 calories or less range. This is important.

In a nutshell the secret is this: I  eat the same 300 calorie breakfast and 400 calorie lunch and dinner meals and a couple 200 calorie snacks or desserts while losing weight….AND while maintaining weight. When I’m losing weight I keep the calories at 1,500 to 1,600 a day and when I’m in maintenance mode working at maintaining my weight I can consume 2,500 calories a day.

OK, you might ask…..but where are you getting the extra 1,000 calories while in maintenance mode?

Good question and this is what makes this system so sustainable long term. The extra 1,000 calories are free calories I can use wherever just so long as they’re high nutrient to calorie ratio, clean, fresh food with a few exceptions. Like alcohol where you have a buzz to calorie ratio to think about. : )

I get that extra 1,000 calories in more Ezekiel Bread with butter and organic jelly as a snack, trail mix (with MMs), 10 different KIND bars, extra fruit bowls, a larger steak occasionally (red meat at 55+ calories oz adds up quick), Select 55 (55 calorie low alcohol beer), red wine, more pie with whip cream, extra KASHI healthy cookies.

But those are the facts and numbers. Life isn’t exactly that clean cut. That’s why I want to elaborate on my experience actually living the eating system outlined above.

So here’s how I do it, I weigh every morning after elimination and before consuming any liquids or food.  That’s one reason I stop eating before 6 PM and at least 3 to 4 hours before I retire.

Every morning I’m monitoring my weight and taking note of what the prior days consumption does to my body. I know if I go out to eat at even a nice restaurant I’ll be at least 2 pounds heavier the next morning because I will get a high dose of multiple ingredients that cause me to bloat, add weight, and become inflamed. Those ingredients are: sugar in 15 different forms, excessive sodium (salt), MSG, high fructose corn syrup, maybe aspartame, and possibly genetically modified food.  Here’s the problem…..if YOU didn’t buy the food fresh and the few clean condiments I recommend (that you will learn to find yourself), and cook the food YOURSELF, then it’s mystery food that will make you fat and ultimately sick, and dead. I guarantee it.

The processed food supply has become absolutely polluted with ingredients that facilitate rapid weight gain. There is no FDA watchdog group watching your back here, trust me on that. You’re on your own.

You have to control the ingredients of at least 80% of the food and water you consume. A purist would shoot for 100%. But a purist would never be able to go out to eat or have dinner at a friends house, or meet friends for a few drinks. Because most people are completely blind and asleep to the problems with the food supply. Most have heard things about MSG, HFCS, excessive sodium and blood pressure, but have never really considered that it also applies to them. They’ve taken a leap of faith in believing an uncorrupted government watchdog group is looking out for their safety and best interest. Look into that yourself. It’s not true and needs to be considered by everyone. Most people believe they’re somehow immune to the negative effects of all the food additives from commercial advertising everywhere. So your friends as well as restaurants will poison you without a second thought with their favorite specialty dish full of obnoxious ingredients. You have to limit that poisoning as much as possible. This Food Conspiracy issue is also well documented in this blog.

So here’s the issue…if you’ve been consuming what appears to be normal healthy food without monitoring all the egregious ingredients I’ve blogged about here I can guarantee you’re probably frustrated and can’t understand why you’re still gaining weight. It’s the polluted food and water supply and the lack of essential nutrients the body needs to operate properly and maintain normal weight.

That’s why I have to limit eating out to once a week. Because I’m absolutely positive that the two pound weight gain from one restaurant meal can accumulate day after day after day if you’re eating out every day.

I also limit a real sugar dessert like ice cream and pecan pie, or Bone Fish Grill’s coconut pie, or cheese cake with berries to that one night a week dining out. I’ll still abstain from real starchy and sugary desserts like bread pudding. I try to only dine out at restaurants where you have real chefs cooking with fresh ingredients.

Maybe once a month or every other month I’ll do a pizza night with salad and a couple beers. I try to do that at a small Italian restaurant instead of a chain pizza place that will spike everything with MSG and HFCS and as much extra sugar as possible.

Keep in mind the Ezekiel Diet system of eating is for life, not a temporary fix then back to grazing on food that makes you fat, then back to another short term diet. That system of yo yo dieting will wreak havoc with your health and your skin. Specifically your face and neck. Once you swell your head and neck sufficiently to where you have fat cheeks, jowls, and a second chin dieting and weight loss will not reverse that damage. You’ll always be cheeky and have a gobbler loose skinned neck. Which takes a $12,000 upper and lower face lift to correct. Trust me you want to avoid that at all cost.

So what do I do when the scale creeps up 2 or 3 pounds?

The extra 1,000 free calories get put on hold until the scale comes back down where I want it to be. A 5 pound weight gain is the absolute maximum I tolerate and normally comes from a week of vacationing with friends, or holiday eating, etc. Normally where I’ve lost complete control of food ingredients and am being pushed along to eat out here and there. I still try to make healthy choices and avoid bread, pasta, sugar, etc. BUT I STILL GAINED WEIGHT BECAUSE OF EXTREME AMOUNTS OF SODIUM, MSG, HFCS, AND HIDDEN SUGAR IN ALL THE MYSTERY FOOD I CONSUMED.

So I can dial up or down on that extra 1,000 calories to keep my weight in check.  This is the easiest weight loss and maintenance I’ve ever used.

I might shoot for only doing 1,500 calories after the scale inches up a bit and actually consume more than that. However, I’m still losing weight at even 2,000 calories, just slower.

Keep in mind, I kept a diet journal for the entire time I was losing weight which gave me a lot of experience in where the calories are and how they add up. I think this practice is absolutely essential to your long term success. You have to know where the calories are so eventually you can do all this in your head.

The meal breakdown for the day while losing weight is 3 proteins, 3 fruits, 4 vegetables, and 3 starch.

Breakfast is: 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 starch
Lunch:  1 protein, 2 vegetables, 1 starch
Dinner:  1 protein, 2 vegetables, 1 starch
Two fruit snacks/desserts: mid morning and mid afternoon

For lunch and dinner, and even eating out, keep the protein serving the size of your palm, and the vegetables servings the size of your fist, and limit the starch to 50 calories (half small potato or 1/2 cup rice) or Ezekiel Bread in place of the starch will accelerate weight loss like the Atkins diet. If you follow those general rules the meal will always end up in the 400 calorie range, maybe 100 more calories with red meat.

Here’s another bit of experience I’ve discerned. I would rather have Ezekiel Bread which is more of a perfect protein like eggs or milk than a small 50 calorie serving of a half potato or a 1/2 cup of rice. I have to be cognoscente of the fact that I need SOME carbs in my diet to release the feel good chemical serotonin. Without this regular dump of natural drug your body manufactures you’ll cop an Atkins attitude, or more plain, you’ll be an  _ _ _hole.  I do that with a KASHI TLC cookies mid morning and mid afternoon. a half KASHI is about a starch serving at 65 calories and about the healthiest carbs you can consume.  Or… can get your serotonin with a little alcohol by getting your carbohydrate fix from Select 55 beer. : ) On the weekend of course.

Keep in mind alcohol is a post weight loss luxury. It turns to sugar in your system and will impede weight loss. It also dehydrates you and delays regular digestion and elimination.

I also get my minimum carb fix from granola and graham cracker pumpkin pie crust at about 100 carb calories a slice. While losing weight I’ll try to keep pie to a slice a day using stevia instead of sugar. The 1/2 KASHI cookie carb fix is also good crumbled over the whip cream on thawed strawberries w/blueberries, peaches, or pineapple desserts.

I experience an internal shiver when I don’t consume some carbohydrates. Some people call it a jittery feeling. It took me a long time to figure that out. Now I know how to feed the serotonin monster. This is a much bigger issue for women who are almost always carboholics because they’re using carbohydrates to get a serotonin feel good fix. Most women don’t even know it either. AND THEY’RE BUYING THE GROCERIES IN MOST HOUSEHOLDS. : /

Some women (and maybe men) who are bipolar need to be real careful limiting carbohydrates because they probably use carbohydrates to dump serotonin and unknowingly help manage their mental disposition. There are nutrients, such as selenium that help facilitate serotonin production also.

Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF


Part 3:

The foods highlighted in this blog and in my Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF about this system of eating will basically have a very low glycemic index. The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates in food on blood sugar levels.

So this whole system allows you to consume a lot of food naturally low in GI to keep blood sugar levels low. It’s like the Atkins Diet with bread and fruit. The difference is you can’t live on the Atkins Diet long term without salivating and dreaming about bread and fruit. The Ezekiel system of eating is similar to Atkins however it has the bread, some limited starches, and fruit WITH the vegetables and protein. So its more balanced and sustainable long term. Those sugar or fructose calories in the fruit desserts and snacks are strategically timed mid morning and afternoon when you need extra energy.

The Ezekiel Bread gives you the taste and texture of bread in a flour-less form with protein similar to the protein found in milk or eggs. My experience is consuming Ezekiel Bread in place of starch servings actually accelerates weight loss. AND…….and this is huge…..never before said here on this blog……here it is another key point or truth:  It’s my opinion from several years of experience that you can eat all the Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread, Regular Ezekiel Bread and Low (actually No) Sodium Ezekiel Bread, lightly toasted with light butter and clean organic jelly or jam and never worry about it causing weight gain. I’m beginning to believe, or suspect Ezekiel Bread is like free calories, like extra vegetables, eat all you can stand (minus corn, carrots, peas, potatoes) with absolutely no downside.

Keep in mind the Ezekiel Bread recipe is from Ezekiel 4:9,…… from God himself, given to Ezekiel….”Take also unto thee Wheat, and Barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and Spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it…”.

This is one of the few or only example where God actually gives man a recipe. This is like the designer/builder of a Formula One engine handing the correct fuel formula to the new owner. There’s probably more to this bread recipe than we’ll ever know in this dimension and dispensation.

When these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread – from all vegetable sources – naturally balanced in nature.

That’s Ezekiel in the painting above. I find it interesting he’s depicted as stout as a body builder even at an advanced age. His beard and hair are gray. Look at that massive neck and hint of huge pecs under his robe. His hands and forearms are also huge. The robe is pulled around his mid section slightly above the waist almost intentionally indicating there’s no pot belly on this man. Was that by chance or intentional? Maybe, maybe not. I think there’s a message hidden in this painting.

I still say there’s more to this bread recipe than we’ll ever know in this lifetime. I also suggest it’s the correct fuel formula for one of the most amazing and complex living machine/computers ever designed and given to us by the designer Himself. Disregard the Designers fuel formula at your own peril.

Forget the GMO Tiger, put some organic Ezekiel in your tank.

By the way, I have no affiliation, at all with any manufacturer of Ezekiel Bread. I’ve never contacted them and they’ve never contacted me, and I receive no, nada, nothing from them. No income, commission, fees, royalty, etc. from any personal endorsement of their product. I should also add that the views expressed on this blog and The Ezekiel Diet PDF are my own and not necessarily those of any product manufacturer I may recommend.

Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF


Part 4:

I’ve had another thought stuck in the back of my mind for a long time I want to blog about today. I’m like a dog with a bone when a concept or idea enters my mind. It’s like a scratch or cut that keeps requiring attention until it’s healed or gone. I remember my mother in frustration commenting on my “one-track mind” on numerous occasions when I was growing up.

That thought or idea is this…..I believe, or suspect anyone can simply adopt the eating habits of this Ezekiel system and forget about counting calories, just keep the meal portions in line with the suggested meals in this blog, and eat all the clean high nutrient to calorie food you can stand, and I believe your body will start resetting back to normal ideal weight without exercise. Forget about the whole diet concept. Just eat the cleanest food as close to the way God designed it, and drink clean water (without medication, i.e. fluoride) as close to the way God intended it and something completely amazing will happen.

I haven’t tried it but from all my experience over the last 3+ years I suspect that once the body has the proper nutrients, and you kick-start your thyroid which is probably all but shut down from excessive fluoride in the water and processed food supply, that you will experience weight loss even if you consume 2,000 to 3,000 plus calories a day.

I want you to look at something. Go to:
and see 25 years of obesity trend maps kept by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) in the US since 1985. Then use your back button to return to this post…..

Here’s a short excerpt from this article

The Centers for Disease Control has a bunch of maps that illustrate the dramatic rise in obesity in United States over the last 25 years.What’s shocking is that in 1990 no state had obesity levels greater than 15 percent. By 2010, no state had obesity levels less than 20 percent.

Take a hard look at the 25 years in CDC Maps. This simply documents the obesity epidemic which I believe from my own research is really The Food Conspiracy in this country.

How did this happen in just 25 years?

It was intentional and it’s all documented in this blog. Take the time to understand the Food Conspiracy and how it affects your health.

Free Ezekiel Diet Handbook PDF


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