How the Enemy of Mankind Uses The Media To Reveal Their Plans

Posted on Mar 03, 2022

This is an interesting 30 minute video. It represents years of research into how the Moloch and Baal worshiping Cabal have used the media to reveal their version of the future they have planned for you.

So if you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to find something interesting to watch, here’s the perfect list. Keep an eye out for Moloch and Baal worshiping Cabal propaganda that coincides with our reality right now and in the near future.

Jericho – nuclear aftermath in the US

Colony – aliens in orbit, the great revealing, only worship them

Salvation – asteroid attack – Apophis in 2029?

Timeless – time travel series – trying to change the future

Travelers – future mankind – AI using time travel to save the world from destruction

Manifest – space time dimensional travelers. Plane takes off and lands 5 years later.

Pine Grove – Australian town – high security US/Australian intelligence against China. Political environment.

Biohackers – German series. Genetic enhancement erasing memory.

Revolution – future America after it was destroyed. Elite controlling the few that are left.

Lost in Space – how robots will integrate into society.

Into the Night – European – people can’t be exposed to sunlight. Revelations?

Babylon Berlin – Historical – Detective in Berlin prior to WW2 trying to stop pornography ring. Political environment similarities.

Hunger Games – cast system in the future – elites and peasants. Entertainment controls the masses.

Project Blue Book – research into UFO phenomenon, science, Antarctica (then canceled) too close to reality.

War of the Worlds – Killer robots

The Man in the High Castle – film found from a parallel universe where the German’s won WW2 – time travel

V (remake) alien takeover of the world and the Nephilem they are creating


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