I Don’t See a Flu Pandemic

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Apr 07, 2020

I don’t see a flu pandemic. I see masses of sheople buying all the toilet paper and staples at the grocery store. I actually had to ask a Publix store clerk at checkout, “what’s the strategy if you want to buy toilet paper?” She seemed honored to tell me the secret strategy to get my very own toilet paper in the Great TP Shortage of 2020 and said “we get trucks in Monday, Thursday and Saturday. You have to be here early.” I just chuckled and thought that’s what happens when you scare the chit out of people.

I live in a state where one local news source has pledged to only report the facts and not fear. They’ve been listing the age of the coronavirus victims and whether these people had other medical conditions. Almost all victims so far have been elderly and already ill with other health problems or compromised immune systems. This is not unusual and a reason to bankrupt businesses by the tens of thousands.

What’s happening around me doesn’t seem to warrant the state and national shutdown of a huge swath of commerce.

I see citizen reporting on YouTube showing empty hospital parking lots and waiting rooms at ground zero in New York City. Empty triage tents set up for the onslaught of victims that never appeared. I see emergency medical vehicles filled with EMTs playing on their phones. While the mainstream media is hyping these same hospitals as full and overrun with lines of sick people trying to see if they also need more toilet paper.

None of what is happening makes sense. It’s as though the world has gone crazy.

We’re obviously witnessing an intentional take-down of the US economy under the guise of a flu pandemic most likely being exacerbated by 5G. I don’t believe life in this country will ever go back to way it was just weeks ago.  Ask yourself why?

And please don’t squeeze the Charmin, if you can find any.


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