Is Palantir The Next Google? Stock Price Collapses – $9.68 Today – Going to $800? The Beast System?

Posted on Jul 26, 2022

Alex Karp on the drop in stock value at 2:38: “We’re in very difficult times; Palantir is built for difficult times.”

Palantir CEO Alex Karp joins CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the 2022 World Economic Forum to discuss the risk of nuclear war, the company’s plunging stock price and more.

Kerry Grinkmeyer owns 1,400 shares (half he bought at $17 share) and plans on buying more to eventually get to 2,000 shares to hold. He’s anticipating $800 a share (“in his lifetime”) in the future for $1,600,000. To purchase 2,000 shares today at $9.68 X 2,000 = $19,360

Pay particular attention to Alex Karp at 12:27 minutes. He’s telling us he’s swimming in cash, over 2 billion on the balance sheet, again he emphasizes the company is built for bad times and bad times are good for Palantir. In the prior video he tells us (with superior attitude) that 60% of his revenue comes from the government “which will never go away.”

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I’ve watched enough of Kerry Grinkmeyer’s videos to know he’s still asleep and deceived about many controversial subjects such as vaccines. He boasts that he’s fully vaccinated and vaccines are cutting edge technology that will protect him from (weaponized) flu viruses.

BlogTalkRadio – Origin of Palantir – DARPA NSA CIA 10-12-2018 – The Beast System?

Slide forward to 15 minutes for more on Palantir


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