It’s Frightening How Fast Americans Morph Into Authoritarian Plandemic Nazis

Posted on Apr 16, 2020

I was at a Home Center Supply place yesterday. The latest Plandemic* ploy to protect us is to limit the number of people inside the store to 100 customers. As people leave, more can go in. So everyone has to lineup in the parking lot at the middle main door and you can only exit through the garden center or contractor’s lumber exit. Employees with counting devices are at each entrance and exit.

As I was looking at plants near the garden center an unsuspecting customer walks into the garden center entrance without realizing the new system. The woman “guarding” that entrance just lost it on this man. Yelling at him in her PMS the marriage is over tone of voice: “SIR, YOU CANNOT ENTER THE BUILDING THROUGH THIS EXIT”.

I looked at her with surprise and thought (with disgust) how quickly American fluoride zombies can fall into this authoritarian jackbooted Nazi mindset. Just a few weeks ago these were mild-mannered employees (who had to control their PMS and other mental problems with anti-depressants) who were willing to help you in any way they could. Now everyone has a Plandemic license to act irrational.

This Plandemic has to be a boondoggle of sales for the big box building supply chains. They are packed with people waiting to get in. Why is it a boondoggle? All these people stuck at home. Holiday weekends are big business for Building Centers. The Plandemic quarantine is a perpetual holiday weekend  of projects at home. And if you’re married there’s probably a Honey-Do project list. If you’re smart you’re planting a garden.

* credit Catherine Austin Fitts


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