John Moore Interviews Steven Ben-Nun – Asteroids – Israel – Iran – War

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

Steve Ben-Nun talks about the threat of Global War, Civil War here in America and worse yet, incoming Asteroids and a Pole Shift. He was told by multiple sources that the asteroids would begin to hit the earth slowly starting sometime in September and that slowly it would increase as the year continues and worsening by the end of the year. He was told that the Nation is expected to experience major civil unrest that will turn into a possible civil war then climaxed in a pole shift in the spring of the year. The intel sources I believe are sharing this information to help humanity but we know outside of Jesus Christ there is no safe place. As much as he believes the friends that have shared this information he realizes that they are human and subject to be wrong in their information but are trying to help us the best way they can.


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