Weight Loss Lunch on the Ezekiel Diet

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jun 22, 2016

This is a very basic, quick, weight loss meal on the Ezekiel Diet.  I’ve been dropping some extra weight from dining out too much. I’m actually a few pounds below 225.

Weight loss always relaxes back 5 to 10 pounds, so never have your clothes taken in, or buy a bunch of new clothes at your lowest weight. Leave an extra inch, you’ll always fluctuate up and down within 10 pounds once you go into maintenance mode.

brasswell merlot wineIf you want to lose weight you should incorporate at least one big salad a day into your diet.

Pictured above is a 3 ounce piece of turkey breast (90 calories), a handful of portabella mushrooms with a slice of purple onion (20 calories), and a Brasswell’s Merlot Wine Sauce (3 tablespoons  45 calories) heated just long enough in a small frying pan to make a sauce and cook down the mushrooms and onions.

Then I dump it right out of the frying pan warm over a couple handfuls of organic salad greens (20 calories) with a few cherry tomatoes (10 calories) and a sprinkle of Asiago cheese (40 calories, leave this off in weight loss mode).

I used a Bolthouse Raspberry Merlot salad dressing to compliment the Merlot Wine meat sauce 4 tbsp (60 calories),   plus a slice of lightly toasted Ezekiel Bread (80 calories). Don’t butter the Ezekiel Bread, use it to mop up the extra sauce and dressing left on the plate.

Total Calories:  365 not bad with a lot of flavor.


bolthouse2I use the Honey Mustard, Classic Balsamic, Italian, Raspberry Merlot, and sometimes the Miso Ginger for stir fries, and I keep some Classic Ranch for the occasional chicken wings. You have to look at sodium and calories.  A couple have too much.

You can find Bolthouse dressings in the cooler section, normally near the vegetables.  It’s in the cooler section because it’s made with yogurt and doesn’t have all the preservatives of shelf stable dressings.

I also precook a bunch of Butterball Turkey Breast. Most of these pictured are about 6 ounces.  I cut them in half and wrap tightly in aluminum foil and pull from it all week. You don’t need anymore protein than 3 or 4 ounces.

Plus when you add a handful of mushrooms and a slice or two of diced onion you’ll easily double the size of the meat entree anyway. The mushrooms are little flavor sponges.




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