Masked Sheople Freaked Out Again From MSM Fear Mongering Breathing Their Own Spike Proteins

Posted on Aug 09, 2021

I was just at a large grocery store chain and once again 75% or more of the sheople are wearing masks and acting indignant and scared of those without a mask.

It has occurred to me this could backfire on our demonic overlord controllers.  Or maybe it’s part of their plan.

The mask wearers represent the MSM gullible sheople that are most likely fully vaccinated. I prefer to see all the vaccinated people wearing masks to keep their spike protein shedding to themselves. It’s actually reversed from what the mask wearer believes. They believe they’re protecting themselves from us, when actually they’re doing us a favor protecting us from their spike proteins.

It also occurred to me that we will probably see a spike in hospitalized mask-wearing sheople who make themselves sick breathing their own poison spike proteins. Their bodies are trying to get rid of the spike proteins and their mask keeps the toxins recirculating through their lungs repeatedly.


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