Meal Testing a 12+ Year Old Bag of Vigo Black Beans & Rice Dinner

Posted on Feb 03, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I just tested a 12 to 15 year old bag of Vigo Black Beans & Rice Dinner.  I was about to toss them out with dozens of canned goods from the same era and decided to test a bag to see how it looks and tastes after cooking.

Joel Skousen used to recommend keeping all the really outdated canned goods as decoy food for burglars and criminal looters. Let them remove it from the house for you.

Black beans and rice should make a perfect protein. If this was all you had for a meal it’s not bad, just a little salty from strong Cuban seasoning. The seasoning was clumped up and had to be broken up. But that might not be a bad thing because it would be easy to remove some of it because of the extra sodium. Or in an emergency you could add more rice to dilute the seasoning and sodium.  Because it clumps together in older packets it’s also easy to just throw out and use your own seasoning to get rid of most of the excess sodium and MSG.

I was surprised at how good this Rigo Black Beans and Rice Dinner was (or maybe it was the MSG).  I cooked it on the stove top in a pan with lid in 3.25 cups of boiling water per the directions. I recommend letting it sit another 20 to 30 minutes after cooking to soften up the black beans from 12 years in storage.

I thought I would just have a serving and throw the rest away. But I ate the whole bag, it was actually very tasty. Of course black beans come with plenty of Blazing Saddles gas. I understand if the beans are soaked overnight most of that issue is abated.

I highly recommend these foil meal bags for pantry storage. I believe you could poke a hole in the bag and vacuum seal the air out and it would last even longer.

If you buy 12 at a time at Walmart online they’re as low as $1.83 each. The bag has 4 servings of 190 calories each with 950 mg of sodium, almost 4,000 mg per bag.  It does have MSG in the ingredient list. I’ve written several times before that a little MSG with so much beans and rice might not be a bad thing. Especially if kids are involved.

Walmart has dozens of different rice flavor packets mixes. I can attest to the fact that the foil pouch makes it a good prep item. See:


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