Updated: Modified Blue Pleated Mask When Masks Are Mandatory

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jul 27, 2020

Update:  I’ve abandoned the thin tee shirt masq (for masquerade) I had custom made and have gone back to the paper masc with a nose breathing hole.  The tee shirt thin masqs were hot and uncomfortable and still steamed my glasses when exhaling. When properly positioned no one knows I can breath naturally using a modified paper masq, nor does anyone care.

Why risk making a big deal and getting locked up over some corporation’s mask policy. Everyone is litigious today. Large companies have corporate attorneys and risk managers calling the shots.  When in Rome, do as the Romans. What’s the big deal?

This modified mask takes about 5 minutes  and works very well with the blue pleated type to hide a nose breathing hole and still comply with flu  mask policies in some establishments and government offices. All that exhaled air is leaving that mask anyway. And many people and employees in these mandatory mask zones have their mask pulled down below their nose to breath comfortably. This is just a stealthier way to do it.

I’m very uncomfortable wearing a mask after just a few minutes because of all that warm moist carbon dioxide filled breath exhaled inside a mask. Plus I wear glasses and every exhale steams up my glasses. I’m constantly trying to adjust the nose band to keep warm exhaled air from steaming up my glasses. It’s worse when walking. I see others wearing their glasses on the tip of their nose to keep them from steaming up which is also uncomfortable.

It occurred to me I could probably modify one of those cheap blue pleated masks I could carry in my pocket that would allow me to breath comfortably and comply with all these flu mask policies. Don’t stretch the pleats out. When positioned properly the breathing hole is completely concealed in the pleat to all but small children looking up. Wearing a mask this way is almost like not wearing one at all, it’s very comfortable. If you want to take a deep breath move your chin down to open the breathing hole wide open. When being scrutinized keep it more concealed inside the pleat.

In order to keep that nose hole open you’ll need to staple a half inch vertical pleat right under the nose hole. A small stapled pleat in the center of the upper lip area of the mask keeps the breathing hole open.  Just play with it until you have it right. You can fold it 4 times and it fits in any pocket. Unfolds with the nose hole open.

I recently heard Mike Adams opining about “why he is pro-mask” because “they catch all the particulate spray coming from your mouth when you speak.” If this is the case then the breathing hole doesn’t change the efficacy of wearing a mask. And is much healthier.

Skip to 2 minutes in this video and see why so many have complained about headaches while wearing a mask. You don’t get enough oxygen when breathing through a mask. Alex is a little worked up in the first 2 minutes; he’s just trying wake people up. Skip it if you don’t like Alex rants to make a point.


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