Monopoly: Who Owns the World? Tim Gielen

Posted on Nov 24, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note: Keep in mind while you watch this documentary that what is being explained here is what the Bible refers to as the Babylon Harlot system. The book of  Revelation says this system will be destroyed in one hour by the Antichrist. This will make the Antichrist appear to be the savior from this Harlot. Satan turns on and destroys his own followers that set the stage for his world domination. The issue is a large part of the population could also be destroyed in the process. Maybe all or most of America. Satan is quite possibly using documentaries like this to expose the Harlot he is about to destroy. Notice there was no mention of Jesus Christ in Tim’s video and he’s race neutral. This is a pretty slick documentary for a “guy with an old laptop” as Tim puts it in the video.  There’s probably a good argument for the idea that the whole US alternative media is being used for Satan’s purposes to expose the Babylon Harlot system that’s about to be destroyed to endear the rest of the world to the Antichrist. That certainly means the complete and utter destruction of America, the City of London and Vatican City.


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The veil is lifted on the criminal network that owns and manipulates our world.

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