My Protocol For Dealing With The Vaccinated Spike Protein Shedding Public

Posted on Aug 24, 2021

What am I doing different after being out in the contaminated masses of vaccinated sheople?

I’m praying every morning for protection from the Covid virus, variants and the spike protein shedding vaccinated public. It’s now part of my travel mercy prayer.

I’m using the wet-wipe packets at restaurants after the menu has left the table. First to clean my hands, phone and keys. Then I wipe the table down. Going to any restaurant has always been a leap of faith that your food isn’t contaminated, but today it’s even worse. Pray over your food.

I stay away from close proximity of known vaccinated people. I stay away from large crowds in closed spaces.

I use a hand sanitizer (on my car door) to sanitize hands before I get in the car.

I’m trying to limit using public toilets because if I can smell someone else’s business it’s probably spiked too.

When I get home I change into a clean tee shirt and shorts, keeping the contaminated clothes off beds, floors or furniture. They go right into a laundry basket for decontamination hot washing and hot dryer. Then I wash my hands.

I’m considering buying a small ultraviolet light to position over laundry baskets that comes on for 5 minutes after the door has closed, off when opened again. If somebody hasn’t invented it yet, I might.

All of the supplements below are in addition to my regular supplements. See:   I keep these bottles sitting out on the counter.

After being in public I use 50 ppm nasal colloidal silver sprayer in each nostril and I’m taking a dropper half full of 500 ppm colloidal silver under the tongue.

I’m taking 1,000 mg of L Lysine in the morning and evening.  See:

I’m taking a 475 mg Quercetin capsule with 22 mg of Zinc twice a day. Triples my normal zinc rate.

I take 4 vitamin D3 5,000 IU (20,000 IU) with a vitamin K2 capsule. Doubles my normal intake.

I’m taking 3,000 mg (3 grams) Vitamin C a couple times a day.

If I feel a sore throat coming I add 1,000 mg Astragalus twice daily.


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