Naive But Brave American Doctors Challenge Billion Dollar WHO & MSM COVID-19 Hoax.

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note: It’s probably best that these brave doctors are going as public as possible as they obviously have no idea how dangerous the criminals are that they’re going up against. I write that they seem naive by trying to help the criminal perpetrators understand they’ve just made a big mistake about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin. In their credit though, their medical oath requires them to speak out.

Here’s the bottom line you can take away from this, if you’re awake, aware and healthy this flu virus can be cured by informed doctors. If you’re a sleepy naive sheople the for-profit Medical Industrial Complex has been given a pass to murder you for your insurance proceeds, that the Affordable Care Act tried to make mandatory in advance of the plandemic; how convenient.  The end result is a lot of unhealthy, obese, sick and old people will die trusting the system.

The Nuremberg trials prove these doctors can’t violate Natural Law without culpability when the people win this fight. That’s what they should be saying. Look straight into the camera and say: Now listen to me doctors. The Nuremberg trials set the precedent that you can’t violate Natural Law without culpability. Just because it’s fashionable to kill certain patients doesn’t make it legal.  You know what you’re doing.

American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation. Hydroxychloroquine Works!! Not only as a cure when in concert with Zinc and Azithromycin, but also as a preventative measure when taken alone.

This was live streamed earlier today on Facebook.


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