Noise of Thunder Radio: Jesuit Vaccines = Your Poison Cup? Chris Pinto

Posted on Oct 16, 2021

Today’s Show: JESUITS & VACCINES – 10.15.2021

Chris discusses the role of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order in the worldwide push to vaccinate the entire planet.  We have heard the comments from Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, but now we review what is called the “Global Jesuit Network Covid Vaccine Advocacy” and also what the priests are calling “Vaccine Justice” rather than social justice.  The order’s American Magazine has declared that “vaccine mandates are coming” and warns that “Catholics have no moral reason to oppose them” despite the fact that at least some of the vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue.  The pope claims that he has been vaccinated, and requires that all who work at the Vatican do the same — causing some of the Swiss guard to resign.  We review some of the activities of the secret globalist groups behind all of this, and discuss how the Jesuit oath might be related to what is being reported.


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