Stan Johnson The Prophecy Club: “War Has Started 01/11/2022”

Posted on Jan 03, 2022

Pastor Stan is bringing you critical information in today’s broadcast. Russia is NOT the ones picking a fight, it is the Moloch/Baal worshippers forcing Biden to send CIA operatives to take over Kazakhstan to move missiles into Kazakhstan and Ukraine next to Russia! Rumors are also going around that J.B. and K.H have flown to underground nuclear-proof bunkers.

01:12 – Warning
04:56 – War Has Started – Vickie Goforth Parnell
16:23 – Satellites Would be Attacked
18:47 – The Plan Revealed
25:27 – Khazarian Mafia Circles the Wagons around the Drain
27:31 – The Truth
29:59 – I Saw Submarines Attack America – Henry Gruver
32:48 – Two Reasons now is NOT the Time for Russia to Attack
41:28 – Biden & Harris Evacuated to Area 51

In today’s broadcast Pastor Stan shows how America continues to poke the Bear, making Russia even more angrier at America. The Deep State was preparing a Major False Flag (Suitcase Nukes) Event for January, and at this point in time, America is defending the Molach and Baal Worshippers in Kazakhstan.

00:32 – What is Moloch/Baal Worship?
05:13 – Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 5, 2022
10:11 – Gun Battles as West tries to Overthrow Kazakhstan
15:00 – America is defending the Molach/Baal Worshipers
19:34 – The Bear Awakes – Dumitru Duduman Vision

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